Valid Three Letter Words in SOWPODS

If you want to improve your game, there's no better way than to familiarize yourself with all valid three-letter words. Many of these are in common usage, but a great number of them are rarely-used in everyday language, and known only to specialists, word-buffs and puzzle-addicts. Here we provide all playable 3-letter words in alphabetical order, along with their difficulty rating and a brief definition. If you'd like to learn more about a particular word, just click the underlined word to pull up alternate definitions, sample usage and pictures related to that term.

Select a letter to view all valid, three-letter words in SOWPODS (the dictionary we use on this site) which begin with that letter:

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DABCommon to touch lightly
DADCommon father
DAERare(var. of DO) the first tone of the diatonic musical scale
DAGWide a hanging end or shred
DAHRare a dash in Morse code
DAKRare transportation by relays of men and horses
DALUltra Rare a dish of lentils and spices in India
DAMCommon to build a barrier to obstruct the flow of water
DANUltra Rare a level of skill in martial arts
DAPRare to dip lightly or quickly into water
DASUltra Rare(var. of DA) a heavy Burmese knife
DAWRare(var. of DAWN) to begin to grow light in the morning
DAYCommon the time between sunrise and sunset
DEBWide(var. of DEBUTANTE)
DEEUltra Rare the letter D
DEFWide(var. of EXCELLENT)
DEGWide(var. of WATER) to sprinkle with water (a transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid)
DEIUltra Rare from-used in names
DELWide an operator in differential calculus
DENCommon to live in a lair
DEVUltra Rare(var. of DEVA) a Hindu god
DEWCommon to wet with dew (condensed moisture)
DEXUltra Rare a sulfate used as a central nervous system stimulant
DEYRare a former North African ruler
DIBRare to fish by letting the bait bob lightly on the water
DIDCommon(var. of DO) the first tone of the diatonic musical scale
DIECommon to cut with a die (a device for shaping material)
DIFUltra Rare(var. of DIFF) a difference
DIGCommon to break up, turn over, or remove earth
DIMCommon(var. of OBSCURE) dark or indistinct
DINCommon to make a loud noise
DIPCommon to immerse briefly into a liquid
DISWide to insult or criticize
DITRare a dot in Morse code
DIVWide in Persian legend, an evil spirit
DOBWide to inform on
DOCWide doctor
DODUltra Rare to cut the hair of
DOECommon(var. of DEER) a ruminant mammal
DOFWide(var. of STUPID) mentally slow
DOGCommon to follow after like a dog (a domesticated, carnivorous mammal)
DOHWide a musical note
DOLWide a unit of pain intensity
DOMWide a title given to certain monks
DONCommon to put on
DOOUltra Rare a dove
DOPUltra Rare(var. of DIP) to immerse briefly into a liquid
DORRare a black European beetle
DOSCommon(var. of DO) the first tone of the diatonic musical scale
DOTCommon to cover with dots (tiny round marks)
DOWRare(var. of PROSPER) to be successful or fortunate
DOYWide a beloved person
DSOUltra Rare(var. of ZHO) a cross between a yak and a cow
DUBCommon to confer knighthood on
DUDCommon a bomb that fails to explode
DUECommon something that is owed
DUGCommon the teat or udder of a female mammal
DUHWide used to indicate that something just stated is too obvious
DUIUltra Rare(var. of DUO) an instrumental duet
DUNWide of a dull brown color
DUOCommon an instrumental duet
DUPWide(var. of OPEN) affording unobstructed access, passage, or view
DUXRare the best academic performer in a class
DYECommon to treat with a dye (a coloring matter)
DZOUltra Rare(var. of ZHO) a cross between a yak and a cow

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