Valid Three Letter Words in SOWPODS

If you want to improve your game, there's no better way than to familiarize yourself with all valid three-letter words. Many of these are in common usage, but a great number of them are rarely-used in everyday language, and known only to specialists, word-buffs and puzzle-addicts. Here we provide all playable 3-letter words in alphabetical order, along with their difficulty rating and a brief definition. If you'd like to learn more about a particular word, just click the underlined word to pull up alternate definitions, sample usage and pictures related to that term.

Select a letter to view all valid, three-letter words in SOWPODS (the dictionary we use on this site) which begin with that letter:

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EANUltra Rare to give birth
EARCommon to form the fruiting head of a cereal
EASUltra Rare(var. of EA) a river
EATCommon to consume food
EAURare water
EBBCommon(var. of RECEDE) to move back or away
ECHUltra Rare(var. of EKE) to supplement with great effort
ECOUltra Rare(var. of ECOLOGY) an environmental science
ECUWide an old French coin
EDHRare an Old English letter
EDSWide(var. of ED) education
EEKWide used to express sudden fright
EELCommon a snakelike fish
EENUltra Rare(var. of EE) an eye
EFFWide(var. of EF) the letter F
EFSUltra Rare(var. of EF) the letter F
EFTRare(var. of NEWT) a small salamander
EGGCommon to incite or urge
EGOCommon the conscious self
EHSUltra Rare(var. of EH) used to express doubt or surprise
EIKUltra Rare(var. of EKE) to supplement with great effort
EKECommon to supplement with great effort
ELDRare old age
ELFCommon a small, often mischievous fairy
ELKCommon a large deer
ELLWide the letter L
ELMCommon a deciduous tree
ELSUltra Rare(var. of EL) an elevated railroad or train
ELTUltra Rare a young sow
EMEUltra Rare(var. of UNCLE) the brother of one's father or mother
EMOWide a type of music combining traditional hard rock with personal and emotional lyrics
EMSWide(var. of EM) the letter M
EMUWide a large, flightless bird
ENDCommon(var. of TERMINATE)
ENEUltra Rare evening (poetic)
ENGWide a phonetic symbol
ENSWide(var. of ENTITY) something that has a real existence
EONCommon an indefinitely long period of time
ERACommon(var. of EPOCH) a particular period of time
EREWide previous to; before
ERFUltra Rare a garden plot
ERGWide a unit of work or energy
ERKRare an aircraftsman
ERNUltra Rare(var. of ERNE) a sea eagle
ERRCommon to make a mistake
ERSUltra Rare(var. of ERVIL) a European vetch
ESSUltra Rare the letter S
ESTWide a program designed to raise awareness
ETAWide a Greek letter
ETHUltra Rare(var. of EDH) an Old English letter
EUKUltra Rare(var. of YUKE) to itch
EVECommon(var. of EVENING) the latter part of the day and early part of the night
EVOWide(var. of EVENING) the latter part of the day and early part of the night
EWECommon(var. of SHEEP) a ruminant mammal
EWKUltra Rare(var. of YUKE) to itch
EWTUltra Rare(var. of NEWT) a small salamander
EXOWide excellent
EYECommon the organ of sight

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