Valid Three Letter Words in SOWPODS

If you want to improve your game, there's no better way than to familiarize yourself with all valid three-letter words. Many of these are in common usage, but a great number of them are rarely-used in everyday language, and known only to specialists, word-buffs and puzzle-addicts. Here we provide all playable 3-letter words in alphabetical order, along with their difficulty rating and a brief definition. If you'd like to learn more about a particular word, just click the underlined word to pull up alternate definitions, sample usage and pictures related to that term.

Select a letter to view all valid, three-letter words in SOWPODS (the dictionary we use on this site) which begin with that letter:

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VACWide a vacuum cleaner
VAEUltra Rare a bay or creek
VAGUltra Rare to arrest someone for vagrancy
VANCommon to transport in a van (a type of motor vehicle)
VARWide a unit of reactive power
VASRare an anatomical duct
VATCommon to put into a vat (a large container for holding liquids)
VAUUltra Rare(var. of VAV) a Hebrew letter
VAVRare a Hebrew letter
VAWUltra Rare(var. of VAV) a Hebrew letter
VEEUltra Rare the letter V
VEGWide to spend time idly
VETCommon to treat animals medically
VEXCommon(var. of ANNOY) to be troublesome to
VIACommon by way of
VIDUltra Rare(var. of VIDEO) a recording for playing on a television set
VIECommon to strive for superiority
VIGUltra Rare(var. of VIGORISH) a charge paid to a bookie on a bet
VIMWide(var. of ENERGY) the capacity for vigorous activity
VINUltra Rare wine
VISUltra Rare force or power
VLYUltra Rare(var. of VLEI) a swamp
VOEWide a small bay, creek, or inlet
VOLWide two wings joined at the base (heraldry)
VORUltra Rare(var. of WARN) to make aware of impending or possible danger
VOWCommon to make a vow (a solemn promise)
VOXUltra Rare voice
VUGUltra Rare a small cavity in a rock or lode
VUMUltra Rare used to express surprise

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