Jumbledup's Scorecard & Trophy Room

This is Jumbledup's personal scorecard. Here you can view all their essential playing statistics and history, including the number of individual records and awards they currently hold on Wordtwist.org. These stats are updated in real-time, so check back often to keep track of Jumbledup's progress. If you'd like to learn a little more about Jumbledup you can view their full profile or send a private message to congratulate them on their scores and achievements.

Playing Statistics

Below are Jumbledup's vital playing statistics. Note that 4 x 4 game statistics are kept separate from 5 x 5 game statistics, as the rules and difficulty-level of each board-type vary.

4 x 4 Stats

Lifetime Stats
Member Since: 2011-04-06 17:53:08
Games Played: 177 games
Total Points: 15969 points
Average Score: 90.22 points
Average Words: 21.26 words
Most Words: 68 words
Highest Score: 307 points
Best Word: QUARTE (14 pts.)
Longest Word: PASSOVER (8 ltrs)

Not currently competing.

Current Records Held
Highest Score: 0 records held
Most Words: 0 records held
Best Word: 5 records held
Longest Word: 8 records held

5 x 5 Stats

Lifetime Stats
Member Since: 2011-04-06 17:53:08
Games Played: 4999 games
Total Points: 723352 points
Average Score: 144.7 points
Average Words: 29.15 words
Most Words: 81 words
Highest Score: 363 points
Best Word: QUARTZES (21 pts.)
Longest Word: CALIBRATES (10 ltrs)

Games Played: 3 games
Total Points: 394 points
Average Score: 131.333 points
Average Words: 29.667 words
Average Pts/Wd: 4.427 pts
Most Words: 37 words
Highest Score: 147 points
Best Word: MANILAS (12 pts)
Longest Word: STARKED (7 ltrs)

Current Records Held
Highest Score: 0 records held
Most Words: 0 records held
Best Word: 186 records held
Longest Word: 177 records held

Competition Trophy Room

Here you can view all trophies and ribbons Jumbledup has won to date in our various monthly competitions. You can click the month/year under each award to view the full top-50 rankings for that competition.

Competition Awards

November 2016 5x5
QUIRING (16 pts)

May 2015 5x5
SQUIERS (16 pts)

March 2015 5x5
QUEESTS (16 pts)

December 2014 5x5
QUINOAS (16 pts)

September 2014 5x5
QUAKINGS (19 pts)

August 2014 5x5
QUARTZES (21 pts)

July 2014 5x5
QUERIERS (18 pts)

January 2014 5x5
QUASSES (16 pts)

July 2013 5x5
REQUINS (16 pts)

April 2013 5x5
SUBSIDERS (16 pts)

March 2013 5x5
SQUARERS (18 pts)

July 2012 5x5
TAPERINGS (16 pts)

June 2012 5x5
SQUARERS (18 pts)

May 2012 5x5
SQUARERS (18 pts)

April 2012 5x5
QUARTES (16 pts)

February 2012 5x5
RESEIZES (17 pts)

January 2012 5x5
QUERIERS (18 pts)

November 2011 5x5
QUACKER (17 pts)

October 2011 5x5
SQUINTERS (20 pts)

September 2011 5x5
RISQUES (16 pts)

June 2011 5x5
RATOONERS (16 pts)

May 2011 5x5
QUEENIE (16 pts)

December 2017 5x5
TROUNCERS (9 letters)

November 2017 5x5
SUNBURNED (9 letters)

June 2017 5x5
SILVERERS (9 letters)

December 2016 5x5
PROSPEROUS (10 letters)

November 2016 5x5
COLECTOMY (9 letters)

May 2015 5x5
SAUNTERERS (10 letters)

April 2015 5x5
SQUATTERS (9 letters)

February 2015 5x5
REAWAKENS (9 letters)

January 2015 5x5
REASONERS (9 letters)

October 2014 5x5
STRAINERS (9 letters)

September 2014 5x5
WHISTLERS (9 letters)

August 2014 5x5
REQUESTOR (9 letters)

April 2013 5x5
SUBSIDERS (9 letters)

July 2012 5x5
TAMPERINGS (10 letters)

June 2012 5x5
SWEETINGS (9 letters)

May 2012 5x5
PANDERERS (9 letters)

February 2012 5x5
BEGINNERS (9 letters)

November 2011 5x5
REINSURES (9 letters)

October 2011 5x5
CALIBRATES (10 letters)

June 2011 5x5
RATOONERS (9 letters)

May 2011 5x5
SOBERNESS (9 letters)

April 2011 5x5
INSCRIBES (9 letters)

Word Usage

Below is a simple pie-chart representing Jumbledup's word use on Wordtwist.org, split between weighted difficulty ratings for all words found to date. There are four difficulty weightings, from easiest to most difficult: Common Usage, Wide Usage, Rare Usage and Ultra Rare Usage.


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