December 2016 4 x 4 Monthly Competition

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Wordtwist Hall of Fame!

Select which of December 2016's current competition rankings you'd like to view:

Listed here are honorable mentions for all players who discovered words worth more than 15 points, as well as words longer than 8 letters in length. Its takes a good eye and a strong vocabulary to make it to these lists!

Most Points Scored in a Single Word
ATasu08 26 points RIGHTFULNESSES
Kiranavali 24 points QUALIFYINGS
obhinoxious 24 points PERFECTATIONS
whacked 24 points REVOLUTIONERS
Aussie Mum 22 points SYSTEMATISTS
fatpagan2 22 points POLITENESSES
Mackers2 22 points DESECRATIONS
Loulou 22 points OVERHEATINGS
themase 22 points COINCIDENTLY
Imploder 20 points CONNECTEDLY
aaaaa 20 points DEPROGRAMME
Millie50Millie50 is a Premium Member! 20 points QUARTERER
dmtdmt 20 points CAPITALISMS
dtbc33 20 points SQUABBIER
owlkat 19 points INTERNATIONALISM
address2me 19 points PEDESTRIANIZES
ruth 19 points AGGRANDIZEMENT
mmm444 19 points DEHUMANIZATION
danceswithlife 19 points QUACKLES
lalatan 18 points MOSAICALLY
jnoss 18 points UNDERSTANDINGLY
MegaWordMegaWord is a Premium Member! 18 points THOUGHTLESSNESS
longdistancefan 18 points REEDITIONS
RyoK 18 points PARENTAGES
udogu 18 points OUTSAILING
mlwalton13mlwalton13 is a Premium Member! 18 points DEPURATION
CopperCable 18 points SQUINIES
wordjin 18 points SOCIALISMS
schenectandy 18 points REQUESTERS
Elliemay 18 points RICHNESSES
Mochi 18 points SILVERINGS
Darion 18 points LITERATION
dtalone 18 points SUNDERINGS
BobSandiford 18 points QUARRYINGS
LightOfBrain 18 points REPEATINGS
Momasaur 18 points QUINTARS
dinithegreat 18 points QUERIERS
dschecht 17 points MOISTURIZERS
jeepiegirl 17 points LOCALIZATION
DoctorEvilDoctorEvil is a Premium Member! 17 points CHECKSUMS
krock65 17 points SPACKLING
angel55 17 points BLACKINGS
funkyreunionfunkyreunion is a Premium Member! 17 points GLAZIEST
Doctordoog 17 points ZONELESS
churchladychurchlady is a Premium Member! 17 points BENZINES
gotcha 17 points QUEAZY
GavGav is a Premium Member! 16 points OVERSTAIN
paddywagon 16 points HYPERSENSITIVE
dmt76 16 points DECONSTRUCTION
renchk 16 points SUPPERING
Raja 16 points UNPAPERED
Stufficot 16 points EXTROVERSION
froggyfroggy is a Premium Member! 16 points TOASTINGS
Tomtomg 16 points QUARTES
stiffy13 16 points BLEEDINGS
PineappleJoe 16 points COMFITURE
janie55 16 points RETELLERS
veratrine 16 points TREATINGS
Puabi 16 points SOMATICALLY
McTater 16 points ROUNDINGS
2xysters 16 points RECYCLIST
bigddd 16 points SMOOCHERS
kelyan 16 points GELATIONS
rupert1979 16 points RETINTING
Dianetoo 16 points CHANNELER
piccpowers 16 points FLASHINGS
tonyh16 16 points FOSTERERS
ActiveD989 16 points TRACTIONS
wordpool 16 points VOCABULAR
chiman 16 points QUARTES
clemsonq 16 points QUARTES
malipit 16 points QUINTES
reacher 16 points QUINTES
lorigeogprof 16 points QUEESTS
Longest Word Played
Aussie Mum 16 letters TRANSLITERATIONS
owlkat 16 letters INTERNATIONALISM
MegaWordMegaWord is a Premium Member! 15 letters THOUGHTLESSNESS
BigKris 15 letters INITIALISATIONS
jnoss 15 letters UNDERSTANDINGLY
lalatan 15 letters ANTIDEPRESSANTS
longdistancefan 15 letters PRECONDITIONING
timmerov 15 letters PSYCHOTHERAPIES
sesa 15 letters UNSUBSTANTIATED
Kiranavali 14 letters REAPPORTIONING
Mackers2 14 letters GRATIFICATIONS
fatpagan2 14 letters SPECIFICATIONS
Imploder 14 letters GROUNDBREAKING
address2me 14 letters PEDESTRIANIZES
ruth 14 letters AGGRANDIZEMENT
mmm444 14 letters DEHUMANIZATION
udogu 14 letters OVERSPECIALISE
Jqxz 14 letters PREDICTABILITY
paddywagon 14 letters HYPERSENSITIVE
GavGav is a Premium Member! 14 letters DISFIGUREMENTS
dmt76 14 letters DECONSTRUCTION
whacked 13 letters REVOLUTIONERS
obhinoxious 13 letters PERFECTATIONS
aaaaa 13 letters DEMOCRATISING
mlwalton13mlwalton13 is a Premium Member! 13 letters DENOMINATIONS
Raja 13 letters PRIVATIZATION
renchk 13 letters ARTICULATIONS
quyxyz 13 letters IMPERMISSIBLE
cedric 13 letters FOUNTAINHEADS
catnipdreams 13 letters CONSTELLATION
snsmithaz 13 letters DISSOLUTENESS
wastintime 13 letters STANDARDIZING
alexmachughalexmachugh is a Premium Member! 13 letters UNINTERESTING
Loulou 12 letters OVERHEATINGS
themase 12 letters COINCIDENTLY
Millie50Millie50 is a Premium Member! 12 letters UNFLATTERING
CopperCable 12 letters CONSCRIPTION
wordjin 12 letters BRONTOSAURUS
jeepiegirl 12 letters LOCALIZATION
dschecht 12 letters MOISTURIZERS
froggyfroggy is a Premium Member! 12 letters QUANTITATIVE
Stufficot 12 letters EXTROVERSION
snakeplissken 12 letters PRODIGIOUSLY
laceratedskies 12 letters SUBSTANTIATE
michal6 12 letters PIGMENTATION
dondon03 12 letters SUPPOSITIONS
imaginability 12 letters TOGETHERNESS
kathrinn 12 letters BIFURCATIONS
Tuddington 12 letters SUCCESSFULLY
dtbc33 11 letters SUFFOCATION
dmtdmt 11 letters REVELATIONS
schenectandy 11 letters SEQUESTERED
DoctorEvilDoctorEvil is a Premium Member! 11 letters MALADJUSTED
veratrine 11 letters NEWSCASTING
Puabi 11 letters SOMATICALLY
Tomtomg 11 letters VISITATIONS
PineappleJoe 11 letters COMMERCIALS
stiffy13 11 letters IMAGINATIVE
janie55 11 letters BEFRIENDING
SgUncle 11 letters CONCURRENCY
nautilus 11 letters SENTIMENTAL
Indigostar 11 letters INCANTATION
RichLaw 11 letters SQUIRRELLED
boggled123 11 letters FLOUNDERING
loloNS 11 letters IMPRESSIBLE
nworbe 11 letters SUMMARIZING
mobertol 11 letters DISCOVERIES
nolocontendre 11 letters EXCLAMATION
illiterate 11 letters RESHUFFLING
whiterabbit 11 letters ACCEPTANCES
Bogler69 11 letters CHANNELLING
wordsmith11 11 letters INTENTIONAL
SewAndSew 11 letters SUCCESSIONS
numnutz 11 letters ATTRIBUTION
danceswithlife 10 letters PANHANDLES
Mochi 10 letters SILVERINGS
dtalone 10 letters WANDERINGS
Darion 10 letters LITERATION
Elliemay 10 letters RICHNESSES
LightOfBrain 10 letters REPEATINGS
BobSandiford 10 letters VANISHINGS
McTater 10 letters GROUNDINGS
sundance 10 letters SUPPLEMENT
JumitJumit is a Premium Member! 10 letters DISAPPEARS
Retired33 10 letters PERSEVERES
kjambur 10 letters DRAWBRIDGE
AceDave1 10 letters COUNTERING
ChrisC924 10 letters RETAILINGS
wendswends is a Premium Member! 10 letters PROMPTINGS
BeauJo 10 letters QUALIFYING
upperdeck227 10 letters ENGRAVINGS
dotperyer 10 letters GRACEFULLY
glmoff2 10 letters SUPPORTERS
Flojoe555 10 letters CONTINENTS
joebuck8 10 letters AUCTIONING
cloudy0951cloudy0951 is a Premium Member! 10 letters STRAIGHTED
twinklebutt 10 letters TERMINATED
gottarungottarun is a Premium Member! 10 letters TRUMPETING
nunu12 10 letters CLUTTERING
andiejohn 10 letters COLLECTING
galois 10 letters RESHUFFLED
davideconnollyjr 10 letters CASHIERING
venbr 10 letters SURPRISING
Momasaur 9 letters PERSONALS
krock65 9 letters SPACKLING
angel55 9 letters BLACKINGS
rupert1979 9 letters RETINTING
ActiveD989 9 letters LOCUTIONS
2xysters 9 letters SNIPPIEST
Dianetoo 9 letters DEFLATING
kelyan 9 letters GELATIONS
tonyh16 9 letters FOSTERERS
wordpool 9 letters VOCABULAR
bigddd 9 letters SMOOCHERS
piccpowers 9 letters FLASHINGS
zolorbowl 9 letters STREAMERS
rickielover 9 letters SHRILLING
Angel1999 9 letters STITCHING
random31415 9 letters STREETING
rickymedeiros 9 letters TERMINATE
wizziedee 9 letters GOVERNING
kipling7 9 letters NOTATIONS
Vythesin 9 letters SQUISHING
Iceman 9 letters NARRATION
Dieseljan 9 letters CLEANSERS
tcb 9 letters MOTORCADE
BrisulBrisul is a Premium Member! 9 letters SLATTERNS
ncanne 9 letters SQUIRTING
erm 9 letters CENTRALLY
JohnAkaMrP 9 letters STRAINERS
bean29 9 letters BELIEVERS
ehpolitico 9 letters PORTERING
mizzaloo 9 letters SPRINTING
mit 9 letters FATTENING
rahjsgirl 9 letters MAVERICKS
Nhansei2 9 letters SQUISHING
pamfr 9 letters LADDERING
arthurbrain 9 letters FRIGHTING
nora 9 letters BEDSITTER
lotussoul 9 letters RETHOUGHT
bhowe 9 letters COMBATTED
ivanne 9 letters PLASTERED
karendougherty 9 letters RUMMAGING
stallion 9 letters LIONESSES
winterfell 9 letters ATTENTION
AuntieEm 9 letters OCCURRING
phaedraphaedra is a Premium Member! 9 letters LOONINESS
todds66 9 letters RESTRAINS
HeCallsMeFruFru 9 letters OVERREACT
sixtyrose 9 letters CORDIALLY
macdhc 9 letters FORESTERS
emonster 9 letters FINANCIER
gingerblacky1 9 letters EVICTIONS
copygirl 9 letters ENFORCING
garble86 9 letters STRETCHED
06bf 9 letters STRUGGLES

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