May 2015 4 x 4 Monthly Competition

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Wordtwist Hall of Fame!

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Listed here are honorable mentions for all players who discovered words worth more than 15 points, as well as words longer than 8 letters in length. Its takes a good eye and a strong vocabulary to make it to these lists!

Most Points Scored in a Single Word
MegaWord 22 points SQUATTIEST
ThunderRock 22 points QUOTITIONS
orchis 22 points QUERNSTONE
zolorbowl 21 points MAZINESSES
WriteSmith 21 points QUARTZES
Vordy1 20 points DEPURATIONS
mysticman 20 points REQUESTOR
bwt121346 20 points PANDERESSES
BigKris 20 points PANDERESSES
Plankton 20 points SQUARIALS
DawnasMom 20 points SQUAILERS
homegrrl 20 points ACQUITTER
charlotteisabella 20 points QUIVERERS
2xysters 20 points SQUAILERS
Tielzz 20 points HENEQUENS
Bronx21 18 points REASONEDLY
00rho0 18 points PERSISTERS
FufferNutt 18 points INQUIETS
GavGav is a Premium Member! 18 points PERSISTERS
Trance 18 points PARATHESES
Just4fun 18 points SVELTENESS
feltfish 18 points QUOITERS
owlkat 18 points ACQUISTS
MJ77 18 points QUEERISH
twoceestwocees is a Premium Member! 18 points QUIETERS
HoumaGirl 18 points EXISTENTS
Stufficot 18 points REQUOTES
Stacks 18 points BAROQUES
wolfboy 18 points QUOITERS
bovinemudpiebovinemudpie is a Premium Member! 18 points QUOITERS
khoogw 18 points SQUASHER
TheBoss 18 points QUIETERS
brendaeshus 18 points CLAQUERS
danceswithlife 18 points QUOITERS
deltagraph 18 points REQUOTED
doctwaikudoctwaiku is a Premium Member! 18 points QUIETERS
ana12321 18 points QUOITERS
Emelle 18 points QUOITERS
NotSteppen 17 points RESKEWING
veratrine 17 points STREEKING
Elliemay 17 points RESEIZED
Raenella 17 points JEALOUSES
kansascorndodger 17 points SNEEZERS
Millie50 17 points SNEEZERS
petrini1petrini1 is a Premium Member! 17 points GLAZIEST
LarrysGirl62 17 points QUAKERS
Loulou 16 points ASSISTERS
Sublime 16 points DESERVERS
jeepiegirl 16 points TOURNEYED
gnimmuc 16 points QUINTES
DoctorEvil 16 points REQUITS
TWMoly 16 points OUTSTEERS
Mawmaw 16 points QUASSES
AdamsMuse 16 points QUASSES
annaed 16 points STEEVINGS
Biloxidebbie 16 points TRIANGLED
udogu 16 points BLOUSIEST
doc 16 points QUINTES
Joesgirl 16 points QUEESTS
debbiedoo 16 points REQUINS
catnipdreams 16 points UNSALUTED
yakioran 16 points REQUINS
Aardvark 16 points FURIOSITY
dtalone 16 points DEPARTERS
nunu12 16 points RESERVERS
Asylum 16 points QUINTES
crazykate 16 points BLOWINESS
BigBubba 16 points REQUITS
todds66 16 points QUINTES
AllySue 16 points DEPARTERS
lagunatic 16 points STAININGS
OneWayJesusOneWayJesus is a Premium Member! 16 points REQUOTE
Cat1 16 points QUINTES
tonyh16 16 points QUARTES
Langlaise 16 points QUINTAS
thossac 16 points QUOISTS
Grub 16 points QUASSES
mmm444 16 points VENTURERS
Bogler69 16 points CLATTERER
Ammudu 16 points QUINTES
wizziedee 16 points QUEESTS
Momasaur 16 points QUARTES
tsme 16 points EQUANTS
TheWorstCat 16 points QUATRES
ivanneivanne is a Premium Member! 16 points QUINTES
SpeedySpeedy is a Premium Member! 16 points QUASSES
drbcladd 16 points QUARTES
clemsonq 16 points QUEESTS
LightOfBrain 16 points SAXONITE
ZoaFromSamoa 16 points REQUINS
TomtomgTomtomg is a Premium Member! 16 points QUINTES
Mochi 16 points QUOITER
Hamlet 16 points QUARTES
Chesterlugs 16 points QUARTES
tscankris 16 points RISQUES
NYCgal11 16 points QUANTED
rkznyc 16 points REQUITS
Bumpers2 16 points QUARTES
PutDownThePhone 16 points QUOISTS
illiterate 16 points QUEESTS
juliebm 16 points QUARTES
Fireangel 16 points QUEESTS
thenewguy 16 points QUOITER
chiman 16 points QUINTES
mywords 16 points QUEESTS
Master Of The Universe 16 points QUASSES
stallion 16 points QUEESTS
Indigostar 16 points QUATRES
snicks 16 points EQUANTS
shringeld 16 points EXTERNES
ScrambledEggs 16 points EQUANTS
Dianetoo 16 points QUARTES
wastintime 16 points QUEESTS
politlady 16 points QUARTES
wizardsleeve 16 points QUASSES
rapson1958 16 points QUEESTS
Snickson 16 points QUARTES
rilestarrilestar is a Premium Member! 16 points QUARTES
znimue 16 points QUARTES
johnandelaine0822johnandelaine0822 is a Premium Member! 16 points QUEESTS
lmdillon 16 points QUASSES
ricopie 16 points QUOINED
llorence1 16 points QUOISTS
i44troll 16 points QUINTES
Longest Word Played
MegaWord 11 letters PITEOUSNESS
WriteSmith 11 letters RUSTINESSES
zolorbowl 11 letters PLAINCHANTS
Vordy1 11 letters DEPURATIONS
mysticman 11 letters RUSTINESSES
BigKris 11 letters PANDERESSES
bwt121346 11 letters PANDERESSES
orchis 10 letters QUERNSTONE
ThunderRock 10 letters QUOTITIONS
Plankton 10 letters MENTALESES
FufferNutt 10 letters RENEGATION
Bronx21 10 letters REASONEDLY
00rho0 10 letters SENSATIONS
Trance 10 letters PARATHESES
GavGav is a Premium Member! 10 letters PERSISTERS
Just4fun 10 letters SVELTENESS
Loulou 10 letters ENTERPRISE
Tielzz 9 letters WOODINESS
charlotteisabella 9 letters QUIVERERS
2xysters 9 letters SQUAILERS
homegrrl 9 letters ACQUITTER
DawnasMom 9 letters SQUAILERS
Stufficot 9 letters STAININGS
bovinemudpiebovinemudpie is a Premium Member! 9 letters MESSINESS
owlkat 9 letters RESETTERS
wolfboy 9 letters UNCREATES
twoceestwocees is a Premium Member! 9 letters UTTERNESS
MJ77 9 letters BICKERING
Stacks 9 letters NEGOTIATE
feltfish 9 letters STEADINGS
khoogw 9 letters SNOUTIEST
HoumaGirl 9 letters EXISTENTS
Raenella 9 letters JEALOUSES
veratrine 9 letters STREEKING
NotSteppen 9 letters PRESENTER
Elliemay 9 letters CURIOUSER
Aardvark 9 letters FURIOSITY
jeepiegirl 9 letters TOURNEYED
Sublime 9 letters DESERVERS
Mawmaw 9 letters MUTATIONS
DoctorEvil 9 letters REQUITERS
Biloxidebbie 9 letters TRIANGLED
AdamsMuse 9 letters FAVORITES
Joesgirl 9 letters RESISTING
TWMoly 9 letters OUTSTEERS
annaed 9 letters STEEVINGS
udogu 9 letters BLOUSIEST
doc 9 letters RETAINERS
debbiedoo 9 letters UNSTAINED
catnipdreams 9 letters UNSALUTED
yakioran 9 letters OVERSTATE
tonyh16 9 letters CLEANSERS
Langlaise 9 letters RESTATING
Asylum 9 letters SHUTTERED
crazykate 9 letters BLOWINESS
OneWayJesusOneWayJesus is a Premium Member! 9 letters GROUTIEST
Cat1 9 letters RETENTION
AllySue 9 letters DEPARTERS
todds66 9 letters FRONTIERS
BigBubba 9 letters STONELESS
Ammudu 9 letters FAVORITES
thossac 9 letters WOODENEST
nunu12 9 letters CLEANSERS
Grub 9 letters QUESTIONS
gnimmuc 9 letters STINKIEST
dtalone 9 letters DEPARTERS
lagunatic 9 letters STAININGS
mmm444 9 letters VENTURERS
Bogler69 9 letters CLATTERER
ChiliCheesecake 9 letters RETURNERS
whiterabbit 9 letters RUSTINESS
ErnestS 9 letters OUTSTAYED
Aussie Mum 9 letters ANCESTORS
bjsb 9 letters CREOSOTES
TylerMitchell 9 letters ASSENTERS
Momdor 9 letters SPOOKIEST
SewAndSew 9 letters NECKLINES
mobertol 9 letters STATIONER
chewster 9 letters STATIONER
wendswends is a Premium Member! 9 letters STUMPIEST
I pooped today! 9 letters NOVELISTS
WordMagic 9 letters GHETTOISE
semantic 9 letters SURPRISES
***JVL*** 9 letters DEFLATING
extaned 9 letters STREAKERS
translatorBJ 9 letters REASSURED
mbraselton 9 letters ENDORSERS
davidlamb12 9 letters REVISIONS
golferose 9 letters INTRUSIVE
churchladychurchlady is a Premium Member! 9 letters JEWELRIES
cloudy0902cloudy0902 is a Premium Member! 9 letters FLAUNTERS
westlaker 9 letters PRESSURES
rithenia 9 letters RETAINERS
renchk 9 letters SHUTTERED
goofingoff 9 letters RETURNERS
alexmachugh 9 letters BALUSTERS
texashero 9 letters SHUTTERED
ithacan 9 letters CANVASSER
HoundDog 9 letters CAROUSING
Allisond64 9 letters DIAMANTES

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