October 2015 4 x 4 Monthly Competition

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Wordtwist Hall of Fame!

Select which of October 2015's current competition rankings you'd like to view:

Listed here are honorable mentions for all players who discovered words worth more than 15 points, as well as words longer than 8 letters in length. Its takes a good eye and a strong vocabulary to make it to these lists!

Most Points Scored in a Single Word
Aussie Mum 22 points QUERNSTONE
owlkat 21 points SECTORIZES
obhinoxious 20 points QUIETENER
MegaWord 20 points DEPURATIONS
WemBrant 20 points QUIETENER
mmm444 18 points PEARLINESS
GameJay28 18 points DETERSIONS
bovinemudpiebovinemudpie is a Premium Member! 18 points OVERSTAINS
Tielzz 18 points QUIETERS
Elliemay 18 points REQUOTES
HogMeat 18 points QUIETERS
Indigostar 18 points QUIETERS
V8mini 17 points AKINESIAS
wolfboy 17 points CIDERKINS
Gubbles 17 points STRICKLED
udogu 17 points STREEKERS
nora 17 points RESEIZES
ThunderRock 16 points CROUSTADE
quyxyz 16 points COURTINGS
translatorBJ 16 points RESETTERS
Vordy1 16 points TALAPOINS
bwt1213 16 points PORTIONER
nunu12 16 points OUTSERVES
renchk 16 points DEMERSION
Tuddington 16 points RENATURES
momthemom 16 points SQUAILS
znimue 16 points FOSTERERS
bigddd 16 points OUTSTEERS
AllySue 16 points DELUSTERS
Jqxz 16 points REQUINS
orchis 16 points OUTSTEERS
paddywagon 16 points QUARTES
F3K1HR 16 points QUINTAS
thossac 16 points ASSORTIVE
SgGuy 16 points COSHERIES
Grub 16 points QUASSES
boggleholic 16 points QUEESTS
ibme54 16 points QUEESTS
imworking 16 points STAININGS
debbiedoo 16 points EQUANTS
Athena1 16 points QUEESTS
johnandelaine0822johnandelaine0822 is a Premium Member! 16 points QUARTES
aatea 16 points QUEESTS
awc 16 points QUASSES
ana12321 16 points QUINTES
omgsandwiches 16 points QUARTES
Aardvark 16 points QUARTES
juliebm 16 points QUINTES
WriteSmith 16 points EQUANTS
grantcag 16 points QUEESTS
malipit 16 points QUAREST
ddlgrays 16 points QUEESTS
Ammudu 16 points QUINTES
sundance 16 points QUEUERS
awkword 16 points QUARTES
wastintime 16 points QUEESTS
froggyfroggy is a Premium Member! 16 points REQUITS
Dieseljan 16 points QUASSES
cptjohncptjohn is a Premium Member! 16 points QUEESTS
danceswithlifedanceswithlife is a Premium Member! 16 points QUEESTS
Joy4Art 16 points QUEESTS
jeepiegirl 16 points QUINTAS
embolalia 16 points SQUIERS
rickielover 16 points QUOITER
rivergal 16 points QUARTES
wmc3 16 points QUINTAS
Longest Word Played
Aussie Mum 11 letters TENSILENESS
obhinoxious 11 letters DISPASSIONS
MegaWord 11 letters DEPURATIONS
V8mini 11 letters NOURISHMENT
wolfboy 11 letters MONETARISTS
owlkat 10 letters SECTORIZES
WemBrant 10 letters QUIETENERS
mmm444 10 letters PEARLINESS
GameJay28 10 letters PRANKSTERS
bovinemudpiebovinemudpie is a Premium Member! 10 letters OVERSTAINS
ThunderRock 10 letters SENSATIONS
Tielzz 9 letters MUSTERERS
Elliemay 9 letters GUSTINESS
Gubbles 9 letters STRICKLED
udogu 9 letters UNDERSETS
Tuddington 9 letters RENATURES
F3K1HR 9 letters RESTATION
orchis 9 letters OUTSTEERS
momthemom 9 letters STREAMERS
bwt1213 9 letters PORTIONER
znimue 9 letters FOSTERERS
bigddd 9 letters RESTARTED
AllySue 9 letters DELUSTERS
renchk 9 letters DEMERSION
paddywagon 9 letters SILENCERS
Vordy1 9 letters TARNATION
imworking 9 letters STAININGS
ibme54 9 letters HEARTIEST
SgGuy 9 letters COSHERIES
quyxyz 9 letters COURTINGS
translatorBJ 9 letters RESETTERS
debbiedoo 9 letters VAPORISES
thossac 9 letters DRAPERIES
nunu12 9 letters INTERESTS
Jqxz 9 letters DEPARTEES
Grub 9 letters FRONTIERS
boggleholic 9 letters HAMPSTERS
mobertol 9 letters ADJUSTERS
Bronx21 9 letters INTRANETS
zolorbowl 9 letters RESEEDING
tsme 9 letters HEADINESS
Baranthar 9 letters THREATENS
DoctorEvil 9 letters STATIONER
catnipdreams 9 letters SHTICKIER
petrini1petrini1 is a Premium Member! 9 letters QUARTILES
JesusIsLord 9 letters FORESTERS
2xysters 9 letters STRANGLER
ladygrey1 9 letters CREATIONS
semantic 9 letters RESISTERS
SneezyCAT 9 letters STRAINERS
NajY 9 letters STRAINERS
eglantine 9 letters ASSENTERS
ruth 9 letters SPEEDIEST

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