April 2014 4 x 4 Monthly Competition

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Wordtwist Hall of Fame!

Select which of April 2014's current competition rankings you'd like to view:

Listed here are honorable mentions for all players who discovered words worth more than 15 points, as well as words longer than 8 letters in length. Its takes a good eye and a strong vocabulary to make it to these lists!

Most Points Scored in a Single Word
orchis 21 points MAZINESSES
znimue 21 points MAZINESSES
WriteSmith 20 points AQUARISTS
millie_w 20 points QUIETENER
Sublime 20 points QUIETENER
bwt1213 20 points QUIETENER
JeriBerry 20 points QUIETENER
pmarc37 20 points QUIVERERS
geesgram 20 points REQUIRERS
Fomosity 20 points QUIVERERS
Loulou 20 points QUIETENER
paddywagon 20 points REQUIRERS
JJcan2 19 points QUINZES
whilemyguitargentlyweeps 18 points STREETWARD
mamamoose3 18 points CLATTERERS
MCashinMCashin is a Premium Member! 18 points REPASTURES
GavGav is a Premium Member! 18 points QUOITERS
mindgames01 18 points CLATTERERS
Aussie Mum 18 points ENTIRETIES
bovinemudpiebovinemudpie is a Premium Member! 18 points REQUOTES
SpeedySpeedy is a Premium Member! 18 points QUOITERS
mitchell1952 18 points REQUOTES
Elliemay 18 points QUOITERS
Brutale 18 points QUIETERS
StacksStacks is a Premium Member! 18 points QUERIERS
Momasaur 18 points QUOITERS
irene9090 18 points QUIETERS
pdiddp 18 points REQUOTES
wittyname 17 points STRICKLED
FufferNutt 17 points TRIZONES
debkay 17 points SNEEZERS
tscankris 17 points SNEEZERS
saradp 16 points SNOUTIEST
Aardvark 16 points TRAPUNTOS
BigKris 16 points OUTNESSES
00rho0 16 points OUTPOWERS
MadSlantedPowers 16 points SCOUTINGS
overhere 16 points CHIEFLESS
Dieseljan 16 points QUINTAR
Jeanbugs 16 points SENTIENTS
evenstar 16 points CANASTERS
owlkat 16 points INSISTERS
koji 16 points MASTERIES
aaaaa 16 points ACQUEST
gaza 16 points STEADINGS
wordsmith11 16 points CANASTERS
dannyb 16 points QUAREST
axelf 16 points REQUITS
wizardsleeve 16 points QUARTES
GaylePad 16 points SQUIERS
Superbot 16 points NEOTERIST
cate 16 points QUAERES
skidoodle 16 points SPOTTINGS
celticmuso 16 points OUTSIGHTS
2xysters 16 points RESENTERS
ThunderRock 16 points PATRONNES
MJ77 16 points NEXTNESS
tsme 16 points QUARTES
mobertol 16 points TOQUETS
alexmachugh 16 points QUEESTS
kinase 16 points QUEESTS
Fireangel 16 points QUOISTS
unicornsandrainbows 16 points BANTERERS
GildaLily 16 points RESTRIVEN
Langlaise 16 points SANDIVERS
brendaeshus 16 points HAMPSTERS
zolorbowl 16 points APTNESSES
oilyoily is a Premium Member! 16 points UNTRUSSES
***JVL*** 16 points QUINTES
SewAndSew 16 points QUEESTS
renananova 16 points ROQUETS
quandrangular 16 points ROQUETS
politlady 16 points QUARTES
delight 16 points REQUINS
malipit 16 points QUINTES
gasbag 16 points ROQUETS
Dianetoo 16 points SQUAILS
ErnestS 16 points EXSECTED
sadieo 16 points REQUINS
LightOfBrain 16 points QUARTES
mwn 16 points QUINTES
BavaroFan 16 points QUARTES
froggyfroggy is a Premium Member! 16 points QUASSES
timesuck 16 points QUEUERS
Indigostar 16 points QUEESTS
bomberrwa 16 points QUINTES
GeorgeBrett 16 points UNSEXIST
NYCgal11 16 points QUINTES
lightbulb 16 points QUOISTS
RedwoodGirl 16 points QUEESTS
bigddd 16 points QUAREST
nmgyrl 16 points QUEESTS
mywords 16 points QUARTES
Iceman 16 points QUOINED
wizziedee 16 points QUEESTS
eeelbaz 16 points ROQUETS
jrc2000 16 points QUEESTS
Snowtime 16 points QUOISTS
Longest Word Played
WriteSmith 11 letters TRANSFUSIVE
znimue 10 letters MAZINESSES
orchis 10 letters OVERSTAINS
bwt1213 10 letters QUIETENERS
millie_w 10 letters QUIETENERS
Sublime 10 letters QUIETENERS
whilemyguitargentlyweeps 10 letters RESONATORS
mamamoose3 10 letters CLATTERERS
mindgames01 10 letters CLATTERERS
Aussie Mum 10 letters ENTIRETIES
MCashinMCashin is a Premium Member! 10 letters REPASTURES
GavGav is a Premium Member! 10 letters ROBUSTNESS
saradp 10 letters ROBUSTNESS
Aardvark 10 letters SQUARENESS
BigKris 10 letters COUNTESSES
address2me 10 letters HARNESSERS
pmarc37 9 letters QUIVERERS
paddywagon 9 letters REQUIRERS
Fomosity 9 letters QUIVERERS
geesgram 9 letters REQUIRERS
JeriBerry 9 letters QUIETENER
Loulou 9 letters DEMISTERS
JJcan2 9 letters OUTSTARES
Elliemay 9 letters STEADINGS
bovinemudpiebovinemudpie is a Premium Member! 9 letters COURTINGS
mitchell1952 9 letters CASEMENTS
SpeedySpeedy is a Premium Member! 9 letters STRAINERS
FufferNutt 9 letters STUMPIEST
wittyname 9 letters STRICKLED
overhere 9 letters CHIEFLESS
koji 9 letters MASTERIES
Superbot 9 letters NEOTERIST
aaaaa 9 letters DOMINATES
gaza 9 letters STEADINGS
Dieseljan 9 letters FORESTERS
00rho0 9 letters REMEASURE
wordsmith11 9 letters CANASTERS
wizardsleeve 9 letters QUESTIONS
dannyb 9 letters OUTSWEEPS
GildaLily 9 letters UNREASONS
evenstar 9 letters CANISTERS
owlkat 9 letters MYSTERIES
GaylePad 9 letters ASSORTING
MadSlantedPowers 9 letters SCOUTINGS
axelf 9 letters FORESTERS
Jeanbugs 9 letters SENTIENTS
alexmachugh 9 letters ASSORTING
tsme 9 letters RETAINERS
MJ77 9 letters CURIOUSER
Langlaise 9 letters SANDIVERS
mobertol 9 letters LIONESSES
Fireangel 9 letters SNOOKERED
oilyoily is a Premium Member! 9 letters UNTRUSSES
ThunderRock 9 letters PATRONNES
2xysters 9 letters RESENTERS
cate 9 letters LAMENTERS
kinase 9 letters CLATTERER
skidoodle 9 letters SPOTTINGS
celticmuso 9 letters OUTSIGHTS
unicornsandrainbows 9 letters BANTERERS
zolorbowl 9 letters PATNESSES
brendaeshus 9 letters HAMPSTERS
imworking 9 letters FRUITIEST
dcmintz 9 letters HARNESSES
thenewguy 9 letters RESTRIKES
kipling7 9 letters REASSURED
Qanat 9 letters DEFLATING
darkstranger 9 letters STREAMERS
larryh 9 letters ASSORTING
chiman 9 letters STUMPIEST
JesusIsLord 9 letters QUOTATION
jeepiegirl 9 letters CALAMINES
adjust2it 9 letters STREAKERS
kk2002 9 letters BINDERIES
davidlamb12 9 letters SLATTERNS
yus 9 letters FORESTERS
bogglejunkie 9 letters SHUTTERED
shercoolcat 9 letters PROFITEER
kslater439 9 letters REVISIONS
numnutz 9 letters MUTATIONS
Schouton 9 letters SCREAMERS
veratrine 9 letters UNDRESSES
Smartass 9 letters SOFTENERS
LKo 9 letters LIONESSES

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