October 2014 4 x 4 Monthly Competition

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Wordtwist Hall of Fame!

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Listed here are honorable mentions for all players who discovered words worth more than 15 points, as well as words longer than 8 letters in length. Its takes a good eye and a strong vocabulary to make it to these lists!

Most Points Scored in a Single Word
WriteSmith 21 points SECTORIZES
zolorbowl 20 points EUROPEANISE
NihilistGentleman 18 points REQUOTES
oilyoily is a Premium Member! 17 points SIZEISTS
JJcan2 16 points REQUITS
warped 16 points EARRINGED
Just4fun 16 points DESERVERS
orchis 16 points QUARTES
wolfboy 16 points REQUOTE
dannyb 16 points QUINTES
AstridK 16 points QUARTES
doc 16 points QUINTES
maggiodeb 16 points QUEESTS
LKo 16 points QUINTES
dreelyn 16 points QUASHER
thenewguy 16 points QUINTES
Longest Word Played
zolorbowl 11 letters EUROPEANISE
WriteSmith 10 letters SECTORIZES
Just4fun 9 letters UNDRESSES
warped 9 letters EARRINGED
JJcan2 9 letters CREATIONS
udogu 9 letters OUTSTAYED
GavGav is a Premium Member! 9 letters CREATIONS
Dianetoo 9 letters SCREAMERS

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