April 2018 4 x 4 Monthly Competition

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Wordtwist Hall of Fame!

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These three competitions are based on each player's average statistics - how many points they average per game, how many words they average per game, and how many points they score, on average, per word. Only players who have tallied 50 or more games in any given month are eligible for these competitions.

Average Score Per Game
1st ThunderRock 752.993 pts
2nd zolorbowl 644.443 pts
3rd jcqueline 536.657 pts
4th Estivate 497.765 pts
5th Samwise 496.349 pts
6th arniecat 473.412 pts
7th Athena1 460.613 pts
8th ncorbin1 455.338 pts
9th dannyb 450.844 pts
10th sheldring 426.135 pts
11th todds66 417.359 pts
12th GavGav is a Premium Member! 416.904 pts
13th Mackers2 416.669 pts
14th nogoalz8 414.799 pts
15th morty 407.910 pts
16th 2xysters 397.740 pts
17th erm 386.136 pts
18th Turbo 382.324 pts
19th wizardsleeve 382.306 pts
20th JohnAkaMrP 382.256 pts
21st rafael 378.404 pts
22nd dmt76 373.241 pts
23rd sunKerst 368.724 pts
24th Lisa88Keys 364.896 pts
25th kipling7 358.981 pts
26th calidrissp 355.952 pts
27th chiman 353.744 pts
28th nelly 353.102 pts
29th trashcan 351.873 pts
30th FireflySeason 347.335 pts
31st Piker 344.932 pts
32nd moolingwa 341.527 pts
33rd DonGuy47 334.879 pts
34th AceDave1 332.328 pts
35th crackerjohnso 331.338 pts
36th kylewords8 326.335 pts
37th yakioran 323.347 pts
38th nora 323.197 pts
39th stg 322.570 pts
40th sadied 321.731 pts
41st LightOfBrain 319.193 pts
42nd FufferNutt 313.571 pts
43rd Dieseljan 312.840 pts
44th mjm 312.541 pts
45th solidago 312.368 pts
46th ***JVL*** 311.340 pts
47th scabariccio 310.392 pts
48th Andrew76 303.589 pts
49th goodbadandugl 303.074 pts
50th alc 296.206 pts
Average Words Per Game
1st ThunderRock 156.924 wds
2nd zolorbowl 126.131 wds
3rd jcqueline 122.650 wds
4th Athena1 110.887 wds
5th arniecat 107.160 wds
6th Estivate 107.131 wds
7th Samwise 105.717 wds
8th ncorbin1 103.891 wds
9th dannyb 101.644 wds
10th nogoalz8 100.937 wds
11th GavGav is a Premium Member! 99.412 wds
12th morty 98.100 wds
13th sheldring 95.135 wds
14th erm 94.688 wds
15th todds66 94.547 wds
16th Mackers2 92.957 wds
17th 2xysters 91.007 wds
18th dmt76 87.904 wds
19th rafael 87.646 wds
20th JohnAkaMrP 87.262 wds
21st Turbo 86.363 wds
22nd Lisa88Keys 85.802 wds
23rd wizardsleeve 84.804 wds
24th nelly 84.085 wds
25th sunKerst 83.631 wds
26th Piker 82.831 wds
27th trashcan 81.196 wds
28th calidrissp 81.114 wds
29th kylewords8 79.397 wds
30th kipling7 78.667 wds
31st FireflySeason 78.660 wds
32nd chiman 78.604 wds
33rd DonGuy47 78.374 wds
34th crackerjohnso 77.487 wds
35th moolingwa 76.992 wds
36th AceDave1 76.949 wds
37th Dieseljan 76.066 wds
38th sadied 74.447 wds
39th nora 73.886 wds
40th stg 73.864 wds
41st solidago 73.228 wds
42nd scabariccio 73.184 wds
43rd emonster 72.865 wds
44th LightOfBrain 72.559 wds
45th alc 72.103 wds
46th mjm 72.049 wds
47th ***JVL*** 71.954 wds
48th goodbadandugl 71.469 wds
49th Andrew76 70.946 wds
50th Fastfaxer 69.928 wds
Average Points Per Word
1st lalatan 16.982 pts
2nd kjambur 12.745 pts
3rd Aardvark 9.908 pts
4th SgUncle 9.804 pts
5th Elliemay 9.236 pts
6th crazykatecrazykate is a Premium Member! 8.838 pts
7th ana12321 7.538 pts
8th AstroBoy 7.509 pts
9th mitchell1952 7.132 pts
10th lolzIsuk 6.708 pts
11th flakfizer 6.201 pts
12th ChrisC924 6.073 pts
13th feltfish 6.000 pts
14th L9UR9 5.749 pts
15th mizzaloo 5.621 pts
16th wildercat 5.528 pts
17th orchis 5.375 pts
18th aaaaa 5.272 pts
19th ATasu08 5.266 pts
20th CopperCable 5.183 pts
21st CVMVCHO 5.112 pts
22nd zolorbowl 5.109 pts
23rd pwr 5.079 pts
24th bjsb 5.075 pts
25th blackfly 5.068 pts
26th delight 5.064 pts
27th TheNewbie1 4.972 pts
28th udogu 4.949 pts
29th laceratedskie 4.845 pts
30th 00rho0 4.840 pts
31st ThunderRock 4.798 pts
32nd dadsbricks 4.745 pts
33rd Samwise 4.695 pts
34th mobertol 4.684 pts
35th stiffy13 4.672 pts
36th yakioran 4.671 pts
37th Raja 4.651 pts
38th Buddypants 4.650 pts
39th Estivate 4.646 pts
40th timmerov 4.633 pts
41st Lovetoyou 4.622 pts
42nd Jubilee0 4.569 pts
43rd alphabetagamm 4.566 pts
44th kipling7 4.563 pts
45th Myxlplic 4.559 pts
46th FufferNutt 4.541 pts
47th catnipdreams 4.541 pts
48th danceswithlif 4.527 pts
49th Speedy 4.517 pts
50th wizardsleeve 4.508 pts

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