January 2018 5 x 5 Monthly Competition

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Wordtwist Hall of Fame!

Select which of January 2018's current competition rankings you'd like to view:

These three competitions are based on each player's average statistics - how many points they average per game, how many words they average per game, and how many points they score, on average, per word. Only players who have tallied 50 or more games in any given month are eligible for these competitions.

Average Score Per Game
1st RussDNails 772.812 pts
2nd MegaWordMegaWord is a Premium Member! 744.331 pts
3rd boberto 697.007 pts
4th bookwormr 693.226 pts
5th Estivate 665.259 pts
6th sheldring 580.586 pts
7th loubie 548.224 pts
8th Asmarandana 545.151 pts
9th scheffek 537.113 pts
10th 4kids 532.990 pts
11th Nafets 527.436 pts
12th jimbob 513.181 pts
13th erakis17 496.276 pts
14th martian 479.887 pts
15th Imaboomer2 473.995 pts
16th CartersDad 473.258 pts
17th knishes9 470.253 pts
18th zhensler 468.414 pts
19th lmack 467.598 pts
20th BoggleOtaku 459.560 pts
21st bwt1213 459.307 pts
22nd AbbyBaby 458.048 pts
23rd baronette 441.209 pts
24th boggleholic 433.866 pts
25th joshinrhodeis 433.389 pts
26th ellen 433.090 pts
27th DrPlacebo 432.073 pts
28th crossbarcrossbar is a Premium Member! 429.656 pts
29th tx_eye_guy 424.928 pts
30th samanticshift 423.176 pts
31st zeke 421.402 pts
32nd hjenee 419.564 pts
33rd disleksix roo 419.250 pts
34th bmwt 410.530 pts
35th quickotbquickotb is a Premium Member! 408.557 pts
36th parsonsm11111 407.231 pts
37th regimentus 390.525 pts
38th medtner 388.413 pts
39th judytunes 387.759 pts
40th rocklizard 386.114 pts
41st garypgmr 384.419 pts
42nd bionicflutist 383.576 pts
43rd Rebels38 381.059 pts
44th stg 378.654 pts
45th bkbound 374.347 pts
46th JCUK 372.569 pts
47th agabe 369.247 pts
48th Dellingr 365.278 pts
49th QueenMom 360.318 pts
50th clemsonq 359.379 pts
Average Words Per Game
1st boberto 145.250 wds
2nd bookwormr 140.226 wds
3rd RussDNails 139.258 wds
4th Estivate 134.026 wds
5th MegaWordMegaWord is a Premium Member! 133.169 wds
6th loubie 117.200 wds
7th sheldring 115.276 wds
8th Asmarandana 113.651 wds
9th 4kids 113.390 wds
10th jimbob 106.043 wds
11th scheffek 105.088 wds
12th Imaboomer2 102.094 wds
13th lmack 98.697 wds
14th martian 98.661 wds
15th Nafets 98.590 wds
16th AbbyBaby 97.157 wds
17th BoggleOtaku 96.690 wds
18th erakis17 96.177 wds
19th samanticshift 94.532 wds
20th knishes9 93.121 wds
21st joshinrhodeis 92.725 wds
22nd bwt1213 92.418 wds
23rd judytunes 92.167 wds
24th zhensler 91.250 wds
25th crossbarcrossbar is a Premium Member! 91.248 wds
26th ellen 91.102 wds
27th baronette 90.529 wds
28th disleksix roo 90.320 wds
29th zeke 88.438 wds
30th bionicflutist 87.814 wds
31st bmwt 87.650 wds
32nd tx_eye_guy 86.971 wds
33rd parsonsm11111 86.725 wds
34th CartersDad 86.376 wds
35th rocklizard 85.369 wds
36th medtner 84.780 wds
37th quickotbquickotb is a Premium Member! 83.582 wds
38th bkbound 83.542 wds
39th hjenee 83.415 wds
40th QueenMom 83.299 wds
41st Dellingr 82.056 wds
42nd stg 81.546 wds
43rd clemsonq 81.471 wds
44th regimentus 80.721 wds
45th JCUK 79.944 wds
46th garypgmr 79.817 wds
47th teacher1234 79.288 wds
48th elidaleon 79.202 wds
49th DrPlacebo 78.458 wds
50th boggleholic 78.331 wds
Average Points Per Word
1st crazykatecrazykate is a Premium Member! 34.491 pts
2nd Spike1007 30.692 pts
3rd mcdonnamcdonna is a Premium Member! 30.142 pts
4th Dasan 28.216 pts
5th kjambur 26.716 pts
6th pmoffit 23.519 pts
7th barn 21.798 pts
8th emjay59 11.188 pts
9th Dr. Who 8.803 pts
10th lalatan 8.341 pts
11th MatD 8.326 pts
12th LermansLermans is a Premium Member! 8.164 pts
13th bini72 7.397 pts
14th trish575 6.527 pts
15th MissFixIt 6.396 pts
16th CVMVCHO 6.355 pts
17th catnut 6.250 pts
18th brighteyes 5.754 pts
19th Ratcatcher 5.705 pts
20th Kristi7 5.693 pts
21st geekwes 5.693 pts
22nd rkk776 5.639 pts
23rd pschaaf 5.591 pts
24th MegaWordMegaWord is a Premium Member! 5.589 pts
25th RussDNails 5.549 pts
26th boggleholic 5.539 pts
27th LovesWords 5.514 pts
28th DrPlacebo 5.507 pts
29th genwheeler 5.502 pts
30th llapp 5.499 pts
31st CartersDad 5.479 pts
32nd dahlia 5.456 pts
33rd helene1 5.429 pts
34th ferniehaze 5.419 pts
35th apiang04 5.376 pts
36th bjsb 5.369 pts
37th Nafets 5.350 pts
38th mml 5.297 pts
39th snsmithaz 5.283 pts
40th laurajoy 5.280 pts
41st eurydice 5.237 pts
42nd df2sobe 5.172 pts
43rd mochamom6 5.172 pts
44th MavisMoog 5.170 pts
45th sduperre 5.167 pts
46th erakis17 5.160 pts
47th drteeth1979 5.139 pts
48th zhensler 5.133 pts
49th imma 5.131 pts
50th mdyakmdyak is a Premium Member! 5.115 pts

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