September 2018 5 x 5 Monthly Competition

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Wordtwist Hall of Fame!

Select which of September 2018's current competition rankings you'd like to view:

These three competitions are based on each player's average statistics - how many points they average per game, how many words they average per game, and how many points they score, on average, per word. Only players who have tallied 50 or more games in any given month are eligible for these competitions.

Average Score Per Game
1st boberto 840.537 pts
2nd dsh2 813.480 pts
3rd RussDNails 758.081 pts
4th zhensler 706.338 pts
5th bookwormr 676.891 pts
6th BobOfBowie 663.826 pts
7th laso 641.471 pts
8th BallerinoBallerino is a Premium Member! 612.972 pts
9th bwt1213 542.369 pts
10th scheffek 537.187 pts
11th 4kids 530.514 pts
12th jimbob 528.597 pts
13th erakis17 521.991 pts
14th DontPostponeJ 517.677 pts
15th sheldring 505.311 pts
16th MegaWordMegaWord is a Premium Member! 500.953 pts
17th samanticshift 497.815 pts
18th Imaboomer2 490.840 pts
19th knishes9 480.012 pts
20th Mackers2 477.418 pts
21st martian 470.548 pts
22nd bionicflutist 463.113 pts
23rd crossbarcrossbar is a Premium Member! 458.614 pts
24th baronette 442.699 pts
25th RareWords 438.808 pts
26th ellen 438.798 pts
27th disleksix roo 438.580 pts
28th DrPlacebo 435.475 pts
29th quickotbquickotb is a Premium Member! 435.204 pts
30th boggleholic 433.715 pts
31st clemsonq 424.211 pts
32nd creramlostpas 423.682 pts
33rd BoggleOtaku 418.681 pts
34th hjenee 416.411 pts
35th zeke 407.799 pts
36th tx_eye_guy 405.051 pts
37th bmwt 402.909 pts
38th FlChet 395.400 pts
39th agabe 393.933 pts
40th bkbound 391.116 pts
41st MamaMoo 389.891 pts
42nd CardinalFang 389.500 pts
43rd stg 387.399 pts
44th judytunes 378.118 pts
45th rocklizard 377.406 pts
46th Rebels38 370.862 pts
47th QueenMom 368.809 pts
48th HiHeat 363.095 pts
49th 5thGirl 363.013 pts
50th JCUK 361.746 pts
Average Words Per Game
1st boberto 169.093 wds
2nd dsh2 165.050 wds
3rd bookwormr 138.826 wds
4th RussDNails 137.602 wds
5th zhensler 130.295 wds
6th laso 127.941 wds
7th BallerinoBallerino is a Premium Member! 121.620 wds
8th 4kids 112.836 wds
9th jimbob 109.628 wds
10th samanticshift 108.333 wds
11th DontPostponeJ 107.281 wds
12th bwt1213 105.729 wds
13th scheffek 104.705 wds
14th Imaboomer2 104.672 wds
15th bionicflutist 103.817 wds
16th sheldring 103.092 wds
17th erakis17 100.346 wds
18th martian 98.329 wds
19th creramlostpas 98.024 wds
20th Mackers2 95.765 wds
21st crossbarcrossbar is a Premium Member! 95.386 wds
22nd knishes9 94.451 wds
23rd clemsonq 93.383 wds
24th RareWords 92.838 wds
25th disleksix roo 92.217 wds
26th BobOfBowie 91.870 wds
27th ellen 91.467 wds
28th baronette 91.205 wds
29th judytunes 89.750 wds
30th MegaWordMegaWord is a Premium Member! 89.724 wds
31st quickotbquickotb is a Premium Member! 88.131 wds
32nd BoggleOtaku 88.028 wds
33rd CardinalFang 87.408 wds
34th bkbound 87.149 wds
35th bmwt 86.019 wds
36th zeke 84.770 wds
37th QueenMom 84.313 wds
38th rocklizard 84.072 wds
39th FlChet 83.941 wds
40th tx_eye_guy 83.204 wds
41st stg 82.409 wds
42nd hjenee 81.304 wds
43rd 5thGirl 81.061 wds
44th SanFrancisco 80.661 wds
45th agabe 80.533 wds
46th MamaMoo 80.218 wds
47th elidaleon 79.731 wds
48th kblicksterkblickster is a Premium Member! 79.420 wds
49th DrPlacebo 79.207 wds
50th Obijuan 78.908 wds
Average Points Per Word
1st thinkbig 37.648 pts
2nd Spike1007 37.636 pts
3rd Dasan 30.250 pts
4th lalatan 25.468 pts
5th pmoffit 23.667 pts
6th emjay59 11.135 pts
7th MatD 8.544 pts
8th askew 8.395 pts
9th TheNewbie1 8.204 pts
10th zjb1 7.602 pts
11th BobOfBowie 7.226 pts
12th bini72 7.184 pts
13th LermansLermans is a Premium Member! 6.831 pts
14th feltfish 6.551 pts
15th trish575 6.463 pts
16th MissFixIt 6.337 pts
17th Kristi7 5.969 pts
18th foofygirl 5.923 pts
19th piglatum 5.776 pts
20th geekwes 5.758 pts
21st MegaWordMegaWord is a Premium Member! 5.583 pts
22nd LovesWords 5.569 pts
23rd boggleholic 5.533 pts
24th dahlia 5.513 pts
25th RussDNails 5.509 pts
26th DrPlacebo 5.498 pts
27th ferniehaze 5.483 pts
28th helene1 5.441 pts
29th zhensler 5.421 pts
30th Ratcatcher 5.402 pts
31st Rapple 5.399 pts
32nd ronasid 5.393 pts
33rd llapp 5.335 pts
34th sadcatblues 5.280 pts
35th anisoptera 5.272 pts
36th bjsb 5.249 pts
37th snsmithaz 5.245 pts
38th eurydice 5.242 pts
39th mdyakmdyak is a Premium Member! 5.232 pts
40th bovinemudpie 5.213 pts
41st damnskippy 5.208 pts
42nd erakis17 5.202 pts
43rd wordsmythPTwordsmythPT is a Premium Member! 5.197 pts
44th mochamom6 5.195 pts
45th sduperre 5.152 pts
46th Mountain HorsMountain Horse is a Premium Member! 5.149 pts
47th bwt1213 5.130 pts
48th scheffek 5.130 pts
49th hjenee 5.122 pts
50th allium 5.119 pts

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