June 2018 5 x 5 Monthly Competition

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Wordtwist Hall of Fame!

Select which of June 2018's current competition rankings you'd like to view:

These three competitions are based on each player's average statistics - how many points they average per game, how many words they average per game, and how many points they score, on average, per word. Only players who have tallied 50 or more games in any given month are eligible for these competitions.

Average Score Per Game
1st fasteddiebfasteddieb is a Premium Member! 999.999 pts
2nd ThunderRock 989.627 pts
3rd BrisulBrisul is a Premium Member! 914.096 pts
4th boberto 786.118 pts
5th Estivate 753.432 pts
6th RussDNails 724.717 pts
7th scheffek 617.821 pts
8th bookwormr 617.516 pts
9th laso 617.136 pts
10th Surge2169 569.266 pts
11th Eponine 566.111 pts
12th bobert 563.533 pts
13th markd 541.297 pts
14th ncorbin1 521.315 pts
15th Nafets 519.734 pts
16th erakis17 514.974 pts
17th samanticshift 513.542 pts
18th bwt1213 504.207 pts
19th CartersDad 497.867 pts
20th sheldring 496.410 pts
21st budwo1 496.000 pts
22nd jimbob 492.035 pts
23rd Imaboomer2 481.772 pts
24th Avast 479.227 pts
25th zhensler 477.217 pts
26th knishes9 474.039 pts
27th lmack 471.679 pts
28th martian 465.760 pts
29th hjenee 449.273 pts
30th baronette 447.203 pts
31st parsonsm11111 442.079 pts
32nd AbbyBaby 440.794 pts
33rd crossbarcrossbar is a Premium Member! 440.344 pts
34th BoggleOtaku 437.194 pts
35th BoredInTheCar 437.160 pts
36th ellen 434.696 pts
37th boggleholic 429.790 pts
38th NotSteppen 428.871 pts
39th DrPlacebo 427.326 pts
40th suddeneyes 425.527 pts
41st disleksix roo 424.641 pts
42nd quickotbquickotb is a Premium Member! 418.984 pts
43rd bmwt 418.586 pts
44th zeke 413.483 pts
45th bionicflutist 412.648 pts
46th judytunes 409.463 pts
47th tx_eye_guy 407.988 pts
48th stg 400.433 pts
49th clemsonq 397.808 pts
50th FlChet 397.760 pts
Average Words Per Game
1st fasteddiebfasteddieb is a Premium Member! 210.189 wds
2nd ThunderRock 206.627 wds
3rd BrisulBrisul is a Premium Member! 164.981 wds
4th boberto 158.686 wds
5th Estivate 146.863 wds
6th RussDNails 131.937 wds
7th bookwormr 129.242 wds
8th laso 123.716 wds
9th bobert 120.173 wds
10th scheffek 119.408 wds
11th Eponine 115.847 wds
12th Surge2169 114.822 wds
13th samanticshift 112.370 wds
14th ncorbin1 109.704 wds
15th markd 108.406 wds
16th budwo1 107.216 wds
17th Avast 104.318 wds
18th Imaboomer2 104.114 wds
19th jimbob 103.456 wds
20th sheldring 100.518 wds
21st bwt1213 99.648 wds
22nd erakis17 99.151 wds
23rd lmack 99.113 wds
24th martian 97.459 wds
25th Nafets 96.046 wds
26th judytunes 95.134 wds
27th crossbarcrossbar is a Premium Member! 94.019 wds
28th bionicflutist 93.498 wds
29th BoredInTheCar 93.192 wds
30th knishes9 93.148 wds
31st NotSteppen 93.145 wds
32nd AbbyBaby 93.143 wds
33rd parsonsm11111 92.969 wds
34th BoggleOtaku 91.925 wds
35th disleksix roo 91.750 wds
36th zhensler 91.125 wds
37th baronette 90.923 wds
38th ellen 90.567 wds
39th clemsonq 89.394 wds
40th CartersDad 89.189 wds
41st bmwt 89.143 wds
42nd bkbound 88.680 wds
43rd hjenee 88.674 wds
44th zeke 86.033 wds
45th quickotbquickotb is a Premium Member! 85.492 wds
46th stg 85.086 wds
47th elidaleon 84.931 wds
48th CardinalFang 84.775 wds
49th FlChet 83.973 wds
50th tx_eye_guy 83.565 wds
Average Points Per Word
1st Spike1007 35.492 pts
2nd pdiddppdiddp is a Premium Member! 34.751 pts
3rd mordechaistei 29.826 pts
4th Dasan 29.665 pts
5th pmoffit 28.277 pts
6th lalatan 24.357 pts
7th crazykatecrazykate is a Premium Member! 13.944 pts
8th MatD 8.867 pts
9th rkk776 8.129 pts
10th zjb1 7.854 pts
11th Dr. Who 7.749 pts
12th LermansLermans is a Premium Member! 7.735 pts
13th TheNewbie1 7.582 pts
14th mollyanderson 7.557 pts
15th steintime 7.546 pts
16th bini72 7.076 pts
17th catnut 6.658 pts
18th trish575 6.573 pts
19th feltfish 6.501 pts
20th MissFixIt 6.257 pts
21st gdog 6.205 pts
22nd dadsbricks 5.935 pts
23rd geekwes 5.904 pts
24th fasteddiebfasteddieb is a Premium Member! 5.795 pts
25th bd63 5.790 pts
26th piglatum 5.757 pts
27th giratinaman 5.684 pts
28th laceratedskie 5.626 pts
29th CartersDad 5.582 pts
30th BrisulBrisul is a Premium Member! 5.541 pts
31st ronasid 5.540 pts
32nd boggleholic 5.536 pts
33rd RussDNails 5.493 pts
34th apiang04 5.488 pts
35th LovesWords 5.480 pts
36th llapp 5.472 pts
37th Ratcatcher 5.463 pts
38th DrPlacebo 5.428 pts
39th dahlia 5.427 pts
40th Nafets 5.411 pts
41st helene1 5.401 pts
42nd Molecule42 5.380 pts
43rd snsmithaz 5.337 pts
44th ferniehaze 5.322 pts
45th eurydice 5.313 pts
46th MavisM 5.262 pts
47th mochamom6 5.261 pts
48th zhensler 5.237 pts
49th bjsb 5.208 pts
50th Rapple 5.198 pts

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