July 2018 5 x 5 Monthly Competition

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Wordtwist Hall of Fame!

Select which of July 2018's current competition rankings you'd like to view:

These three competitions are based on each player's average statistics - how many points they average per game, how many words they average per game, and how many points they score, on average, per word. Only players who have tallied 50 or more games in any given month are eligible for these competitions.

Average Score Per Game
1st fasteddiebfasteddieb is a Premium Member! 999.999 pts
2nd Estivate 824.786 pts
3rd dsh2 762.461 pts
4th RussDNails 732.432 pts
5th laso 625.473 pts
6th Surge2169 614.618 pts
7th Eponine 586.918 pts
8th scheffek 586.332 pts
9th sheldring 566.270 pts
10th loubie 563.678 pts
11th markd 547.172 pts
12th samanticshift 540.926 pts
13th 4kids 532.921 pts
14th zhensler 522.484 pts
15th bwt1213 517.127 pts
16th erakis17 513.100 pts
17th budwo1 507.328 pts
18th jimbob 506.205 pts
19th Imaboomer2 490.680 pts
20th knishes9 486.646 pts
21st martian 470.012 pts
22nd gloommate 467.727 pts
23rd boggleholic 463.522 pts
24th BoggleOtaku 461.726 pts
25th crossbarcrossbar is a Premium Member! 448.240 pts
26th BoredInTheCar 443.336 pts
27th baronette 442.626 pts
28th DrPlacebo 439.993 pts
29th parsonsm11111 436.236 pts
30th ellen 431.478 pts
31st disleksix roo 424.973 pts
32nd bmwt 422.402 pts
33rd quickotbquickotb is a Premium Member! 421.533 pts
34th tx_eye_guy 419.109 pts
35th bionicflutist 417.567 pts
36th clemsonq 410.264 pts
37th judytunes 398.120 pts
38th stg 395.216 pts
39th zeke 392.705 pts
40th MamaMoo 392.186 pts
41st CardinalFang 390.806 pts
42nd bkbound 387.862 pts
43rd Rebels38 387.185 pts
44th rocklizard 382.132 pts
45th regimentus 373.015 pts
46th elidaleon 366.923 pts
47th AceDave1 359.685 pts
48th shadowcat 359.176 pts
49th likes2spell 358.250 pts
50th nuts4boggle 355.550 pts
Average Words Per Game
1st fasteddiebfasteddieb is a Premium Member! 215.803 wds
2nd Estivate 159.240 wds
3rd dsh2 158.132 wds
4th RussDNails 132.489 wds
5th laso 124.782 wds
6th Surge2169 123.571 wds
7th Eponine 120.134 wds
8th loubie 119.287 wds
9th samanticshift 117.270 wds
10th scheffek 114.370 wds
11th 4kids 112.851 wds
12th sheldring 111.857 wds
13th budwo1 108.820 wds
14th markd 108.474 wds
15th jimbob 105.604 wds
16th Imaboomer2 105.374 wds
17th bwt1213 101.773 wds
18th erakis17 99.288 wds
19th zhensler 98.264 wds
20th martian 98.028 wds
21st BoggleOtaku 96.523 wds
22nd knishes9 95.922 wds
23rd BoredInTheCar 95.234 wds
24th bionicflutist 94.247 wds
25th crossbarcrossbar is a Premium Member! 93.922 wds
26th judytunes 93.880 wds
27th parsonsm11111 91.573 wds
28th disleksix roo 91.243 wds
29th clemsonq 91.214 wds
30th baronette 90.747 wds
31st bmwt 90.575 wds
32nd ellen 90.013 wds
33rd CardinalFang 88.028 wds
34th gloommate 86.509 wds
35th bkbound 86.341 wds
36th tx_eye_guy 85.255 wds
37th quickotbquickotb is a Premium Member! 85.228 wds
38th rocklizard 84.344 wds
39th boggleholic 84.049 wds
40th stg 83.959 wds
41st zeke 83.500 wds
42nd elidaleon 82.954 wds
43rd MamaMoo 81.284 wds
44th DrPlacebo 80.187 wds
45th QueenMom 79.791 wds
46th tawantinsuyo 79.000 wds
47th Rebels38 78.661 wds
48th shadowcat 78.492 wds
49th SanFrancisco 78.465 wds
50th regimentus 77.667 wds
Average Points Per Word
1st Spike1007 36.100 pts
2nd mordechaistei 35.225 pts
3rd Dasan 30.323 pts
4th lalatan 24.323 pts
5th pmoffit 23.671 pts
6th steintime 11.950 pts
7th Dr. Who 8.529 pts
8th MatD 8.520 pts
9th ChocolateFien 8.385 pts
10th mollyanderson 7.473 pts
11th LermansLermans is a Premium Member! 7.166 pts
12th mosher1 7.143 pts
13th dadsbricks 6.779 pts
14th trish575 6.551 pts
15th rkk776 6.517 pts
16th feltfish 6.473 pts
17th pdiddppdiddp is a Premium Member! 6.435 pts
18th boredgame 6.139 pts
19th MissFixIt 6.109 pts
20th giratinaman 5.923 pts
21st bd63 5.922 pts
22nd geekwes 5.841 pts
23rd fasteddiebfasteddieb is a Premium Member! 5.812 pts
24th piglatum 5.716 pts
25th helene1 5.570 pts
26th RussDNails 5.528 pts
27th dahlia 5.520 pts
28th boggleholic 5.515 pts
29th llapp 5.497 pts
30th DrPlacebo 5.487 pts
31st LovesWords 5.475 pts
32nd ferniehaze 5.429 pts
33rd gloommate 5.407 pts
34th Ratcatcher 5.399 pts
35th TantdeTentati 5.338 pts
36th zhensler 5.317 pts
37th drteeth1979 5.316 pts
38th snsmithaz 5.316 pts
39th mochamom6 5.278 pts
40th justonien 5.268 pts
41st samiam915a 5.265 pts
42nd mml 5.251 pts
43rd sduperre 5.238 pts
44th Rapple 5.232 pts
45th eurydice 5.223 pts
46th baspiro 5.202 pts
47th finnigan1 5.196 pts
48th mdyakmdyak is a Premium Member! 5.194 pts
49th askew 5.185 pts
50th Estivate 5.180 pts

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