July 2018 4 x 4 Monthly Competition

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Wordtwist Hall of Fame!

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These three competitions are based on each player's average statistics - how many points they average per game, how many words they average per game, and how many points they score, on average, per word. Only players who have tallied 50 or more games in any given month are eligible for these competitions.

Average Score Per Game
1st ThunderRock 740.615 pts
2nd zolorbowl 655.148 pts
3rd Estivate 626.357 pts
4th Samwise 527.151 pts
5th meeeep 527.078 pts
6th sheldring 491.370 pts
7th ncorbin1 458.570 pts
8th Athena1 453.767 pts
9th arniecat 452.714 pts
10th calidrissp 447.295 pts
11th nogoalz8 425.891 pts
12th GavGav is a Premium Member! 424.635 pts
13th ultramax 422.529 pts
14th 2xysters 401.643 pts
15th Turbo 399.156 pts
16th JohnAkaMrP 392.634 pts
17th erm 379.211 pts
18th wizardsleeve 378.532 pts
19th Lisa88Keys 365.602 pts
20th trashcan 360.858 pts
21st kipling7 360.284 pts
22nd morty 354.841 pts
23rd Pitchfork 353.961 pts
24th crackerjohnso 350.567 pts
25th ddlgrays 349.504 pts
26th AceDave1 348.410 pts
27th chiman 347.969 pts
28th goodbadandugl 342.466 pts
29th Piker 334.302 pts
30th kylewords8 318.028 pts
31st scabariccio 317.289 pts
32nd sadied 316.887 pts
33rd LightOfBrain 315.277 pts
34th nora 314.082 pts
35th abboualb 308.340 pts
36th Dieseljan 305.698 pts
37th mjm 302.908 pts
38th awkword 301.573 pts
39th RedwoodGirl 300.364 pts
40th ***JVL*** 299.342 pts
41st sunheartsunheart is a Premium Member! 299.250 pts
42nd liverpudlian 294.169 pts
43rd dtbc33 293.114 pts
44th HyacinthBucke 292.962 pts
45th emonster 291.389 pts
46th lightbulb 291.310 pts
47th jaimerenee12 289.864 pts
48th angearon 288.757 pts
49th nunu12 288.341 pts
50th MJ77 283.194 pts
Average Words Per Game
1st ThunderRock 156.038 wds
2nd zolorbowl 130.975 wds
3rd Estivate 126.429 wds
4th meeeep 120.824 wds
5th Samwise 111.492 wds
6th Athena1 107.911 wds
7th sheldring 105.444 wds
8th ncorbin1 104.352 wds
9th nogoalz8 103.625 wds
10th arniecat 103.000 wds
11th calidrissp 100.744 wds
12th GavGav is a Premium Member! 100.577 wds
13th ultramax 95.963 wds
14th erm 92.347 wds
15th 2xysters 91.172 wds
16th Turbo 89.571 wds
17th JohnAkaMrP 89.421 wds
18th Lisa88Keys 86.120 wds
19th morty 86.110 wds
20th wizardsleeve 85.987 wds
21st trashcan 82.872 wds
22nd crackerjohnso 81.548 wds
23rd AceDave1 80.940 wds
24th Piker 80.774 wds
25th ddlgrays 80.579 wds
26th Pitchfork 80.573 wds
27th goodbadandugl 79.996 wds
28th kipling7 78.463 wds
29th chiman 77.479 wds
30th kylewords8 76.725 wds
31st scabariccio 74.729 wds
32nd abboualb 74.688 wds
33rd Dieseljan 74.521 wds
34th sadied 73.199 wds
35th LightOfBrain 72.479 wds
36th nora 71.969 wds
37th liverpudlian 71.703 wds
38th dtbc33 71.577 wds
39th HyacinthBucke 70.838 wds
40th mjm 70.556 wds
41st emonster 70.269 wds
42nd ***JVL*** 69.237 wds
43rd wastintime 69.097 wds
44th sunheartsunheart is a Premium Member! 69.063 wds
45th awkword 68.606 wds
46th nunu12 68.447 wds
47th joebuck8 68.201 wds
48th Nhansei2 67.881 wds
49th angearon 67.198 wds
50th mochamoe 66.749 wds
Average Points Per Word
1st kjambur 12.198 pts
2nd SgUncle 9.303 pts
3rd veratrine 6.169 pts
4th mizzaloo 5.739 pts
5th blackfly 5.633 pts
6th CopperCable 5.599 pts
7th wildercat 5.465 pts
8th timmerov 5.214 pts
9th ATasu08 5.194 pts
10th RedwoodGirl 5.088 pts
11th bjsb 5.032 pts
12th delight 5.020 pts
13th 00rho0 5.018 pts
14th zolorbowl 5.002 pts
15th Estivate 4.954 pts
16th udogu 4.894 pts
17th Jubilee0 4.841 pts
18th Mariemariemar 4.828 pts
19th mobertol 4.765 pts
20th Krisanne 4.755 pts
21st ThunderRock 4.746 pts
22nd Buddypants 4.740 pts
23rd Samwise 4.728 pts
24th allium 4.697 pts
25th Raja 4.667 pts
26th sheldring 4.660 pts
27th kipling7 4.592 pts
28th petrini1petrini1 is a Premium Member! 4.558 pts
29th Bambimo 4.555 pts
30th onetimeonly 4.549 pts
31st froggyfroggy is a Premium Member! 4.519 pts
32nd danceswithlif 4.518 pts
33rd chiman 4.491 pts
34th natprice 4.485 pts
35th alexmachugh 4.477 pts
36th Momasaur 4.469 pts
37th bmezo 4.464 pts
38th Turbo 4.456 pts
39th bumpers 4.456 pts
40th calidrissp 4.440 pts
41st Speedy 4.439 pts
42nd HiHeat 4.439 pts
43rd nosaj2017 4.438 pts
44th Dianetoo 4.419 pts
45th v_carduiv_cardui is a Premium Member! 4.417 pts
46th 2xysters 4.405 pts
47th bogglewmbogglewm is a Premium Member! 4.404 pts
48th ultramax 4.403 pts
49th wizardsleeve 4.402 pts
50th pepperpowers 4.401 pts

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