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Old 10-29-2016, 08:42 AM
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As long as there are different boards available some will be better than others, and there will be an advantage to those who want a high average score if they are willing to wade through many boards and be more selective than the next player seeking a high average score. Different filters may affect the average scores for everybody, but they will not change the fact that pickier players will in general have higher averages than if they were less picky. Having less difference in the available boards may lessen these differences but cannot eliminate them without making all boards the same. The filters would serve to make the boards more similar, they would be effective only to the extent that they would eliminate variety.

Having stats and competitions for percentage of total words found sounds a pretty cool idea to me, and it would be incentive to play boards with fewer words for sure.

Although there are no monthly prizes for having high scores on many individual boards it is kept in a person's stats and it's something I pay attention to and find it rewarding. You can see how many boards you've played in your Wordtwist career and how many boards you hold the high score on. I avoid playing boards on which I already have the high score in order to increase the percentage of boards played on which I have the high score.

A competition for number of boards on which a person has put the high score this month could be interesting. Incentive to play both high and low scoring boards. Incentive to play boards where a certain player who may be close to you in the competition has the current record in order to take the record away from them as well as take it for yourself. A filter to show boards for which so and so has the high score? Could be very interesting.
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Old 10-29-2016, 09:18 AM
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I was mostly thinking about players who are trying to improve specific reported statistics, like highest average points per board, and are picky about which ones they'll play. (Given some fixed criterion for rejecting/accepting boards though, it's hard to tell if their scores will improve if they just get to play more of them (with a filter) since they don't have to wade through the rest. They may have a lot more fun though.)

Anyway, I'm sure that we'd all like to see how we compare to others in certain ways. Maybe some kind of post-game filters would be fun. Lots of people want to compare things that aren't part of the monthly prizes.

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Old 10-30-2016, 02:56 AM
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I have a filter. If megaWord, Thunder Rock, or one of the robots can't crack 400 on a board; I click "Load New Random Game".
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