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Old 12-09-2018, 02:59 PM
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Default Typing Speed?

How fast do people like MegaWord and ThunderRock type? Because going over 1000 points just seems impossible to me without typing like 150+ WPM.
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Old 12-09-2018, 03:07 PM
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In general it takes about 180-200 words to hit 1000+ points. 5 x 5 gives you three minutes to play so 60-70 wpm is quite doable for the better typists....


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Old 12-10-2018, 10:49 AM
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Typing speed is an irritant. If I were typing ordinary text, I'd probably be somewhere around 45-50 wpm. If I did it 8 hours a day every day for a few months, I'd probably be up around 70 or so, maybe even faster. It's really irritating to know a word and have to type it three times to get it right, and that happens pretty often. So I wish I were a better typist; then I'd type the word just once. All that said, the bigger impediment to me getting higher scores is simply finding the words. If I could type 45 - 50 words per minute, I would average 135 - 150 words per game, and not barely over 100. The actual reason the really good players are so good is not just that they type faster. They see more words and see them faster, too. If typing speed were no longer a factor at ALL (say, for example, all I'd have to do is say the word and the computer would instantly recognize the word I said and verify that by examining the game board and spell the exact word I meant) I wouldn't see a huge jump in my present scores. Instead of about 550, I might rise to perhaps 600 or so. Any further advance would require me to recognize more words more quickly and to learn more words. The greater room for improvement is the former. It's pretty embarrassing to finish a board and then look at the words other players found. Usually, I know nearly every one of them. I just didn't see them when I was playing.
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Old 12-10-2018, 11:15 AM
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I don't (and probably couldn't) go for lots of words. One thing I think I've seen Megaword & others say is that they'll see a familiar grouping of letters, and be able to type (pretty much automatically, once they've done it enough & know all the embedded rare & ultra-rare words) a bunch of 4-5 letter words. I assume that really ups their wpm.
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