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miscellaneous words with interesting spellings or definitions:

buzkashi - an Afghani game on horseback that involves a headless goat carcass
caoutchouc - a tenacious, elastic, gummy substance obtained from the milky sap of several plants of tropical South America, Asia and Africa; used chiefly for erasing pencil marks
middelmannetjie - a continuous hump between wheel ruts on a dirt road; Afrikaans; literally; little man in the road
cheechako - a person who has moved into the mining districts of Alaska or the Yukon
farolito - a candle in a paper bag weighted with sand
seecatchie - an adult male fur seal
bahuvrihi - a compound word made of an adjective and a noun, such as high-fiber
sooterkin - a false afterbirth of a Dutch woman
taghairm - divination sought by roasting cats for 3 days without eating
bucentaur - a mythical creature that is half man, half cow
alkahest - the hypothetical universal solvent sought by alchemists, which could dissolve anything
amplexus - the mating embrace of frogs and toads
barguest - a type of large goblin dog
brickbats - small pieces of bricks
foxfire - a glow produced by fungi in rotting wood
furfur - dandruff
ibidem - adverb; in the same place
kabaka - the title of the king of Buganda, a subnational kingdom within Uganda
lamia - a beautiful queen of Libya, who was turned into a child-eating daemon by Hera
maundy - the religious ceremony of washing the feet of the poor
svedberg - a unit of time that is equal to 1/10 trillionth of a second
arrhizal - having no roots
bothria - grooves in the muscles of a tapeworm
palabra - a word; palabra literally means "word"
selah - a word of unknown meaning that appears in the Hebrew Bible at the end of 74 verses
remuda - a herd of horses
siffleur - any animal that makes a whistling noise
smaragde - another word for an emerald
sirvente - a medieval song about war or politics, either satirically or in praise
tokamak or tokomak - a toroidal (doughnut-shaped) apparatus for producing controlled nuclear fusion reactions in hot plasma
uropygium - the rump (or butt) of a bird, from which the tail feathers grow
vermoulu - eaten by worms
calipash - the edible greenish material found underneath the upper half of a turtle's shell
holard - the entire total amount of water in the soil
chresard - the amount of water in the soil that is available to plants
echard - the amount of water in the soil that is not available to plants
farrago - a confused mixture
glosseme - the smallest linguistic unit that can convey a meaning
hypopyon - an accumulation of pus in the eye
kamaaina - a person born in Hawaii
laetrile - also called amygdalin; a compound found naturally in apricot and peach pits; laetrile converts to cyanide in the body; famous for being falsely bottled as vitamin b17 and promoted as a cancer cure; it has been proven to be a poisonous substance
breatharian - a person who believes that it is possible, through meditation, to reach a level of consciousness where one can exist on nothing but air
cacoethes - an irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
deipnosophist - a person skilled in the philosophical art of dinner-table conversation
humdudgeon - an imaginary illness or a noisy complaint
incunabulum - an early book printed before 1501
jumentous - of, or relating to, horse urine
logomachy - an argument about words
onolatry - worship of donkeys
selkie or silkie - a mythical creature of Scottish origin that is a seal in water, but sheds its skin and becomes human on land
skimmington - a henpecked man with a nagging wife, or a man who is an unfaithful husband, who would ride on a horse with the wife, but behind her and facing backwards, while carrying a distaff, and would be accompanied by a procession of jeering neighbors making mocking music in a cavalcade of ridicule throughout the village
struthious - of, relating to, or resembling an ostrich
thaumatrope - a 19th century optical toy made of a disc with a picture or drawing on each side and two strings; when the disc was rotated quickly by twirling the strings, the two images combined into one due to persistence of vision
tokoloshe - in Zulu mythology, a tokoloshe is a dwarf-like hairy sprite that is mischievous and lascivious and can become invisible by drinking water
tsantsa or tzantza - a human head shrunk as a war trophy by tribes in Ecuador and Peru
velleity - a wish, desire or inclination that is not strong enough to make one act on it
wittol - a guy who tolerates his wife cheating on him
finnsko (also; finsko, finnesko) - a birch-tanned furry reindeer-skin boot
panisc - a godling of the forest in Greek mythology that is half man and half goat; a demigod of Pan
galliwasp - a lizard
slowworm - a lizard
wallfish - a snail
roseslug - a sawfly
kletterschuh - a lightweight climbing boot with a canvas or suede upper part and a sole made of felt, cord or Vibram
bashibazouk - an irregular, ill-disciplined mounted soldier of the Ottoman army; literally "corrupted head"
zumbooruk (also; zomboruk) - a small cannon mounted on a camel, with a swiveling turret
naiant - heraldic term for swimming horizontally
ipecacuanha - a Central and South American plant species that can be used to induce natural vomiting, in order to eliminate poisons from the stomach
voortrekker - one of the original Afrikaner settlers of the Transvaal and the Orange Free State who migrated from the Cape Colony in the 1830s
eisteddfod(s,au,ic) - an annual festival of music and poetry entirely in the Welsh language, featuring Welsh bards, minstrels and literati of Wales performing and competing for 8 days in early August
haecceity - the property that uniquely identifies an object; thisness; quiddity
tchick (ed, ing, s) - to make a clicking sound by pressing the tongue against the palate and then suddenly breaking the seal by withdrawing part of the tongue
frankalmoign - a tenure in English law by which a religious corporation holds lands given to them and their successors forever, usually on the condition of praying for the soul of the donor and his heirs
tchoukball (-s) - an indoor team sport developed in the 1970s by Swiss biologist Hermann Brandt as a warm-up activity for the Swiss handball team
buckeen - a poor man who imitates the dress and habits of the wealthy
cacomixl - the Nahuatl word for a member of the raccoon family native to southwest USA and Mexico
gardyloo - an interjection first created in medieval France, and later Anglicized in Scotland in 1760, to warn people on the streets that a bucket full of urine and feces was about to be thrown from a window; it comes from gare de l'eau, French for "beware of the water"
glabella - the smooth area between the eyebrows
immane - huge; enormous
mammatus - a type of cloud structure, also known as mammatocumulus, or mammary cloud, which forms a series of sagging breast-shaped pouches underneath the base of an anvil cloud, and generally appear during or after a severe thunderstorm
xenogeny - the production of offspring that is totally different from either parent; can also refer to spontaneous generation of life from nonliving matter
zoonosis - a disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans
ythundered - struck by a thunderbolt
schottische - a Scotch round dance in 2-4 time, similar to the polka, only slower(pronounced shah-dish)
taoiseach - the prime minister of the Republic of Ireland (pronounced tea-shah)
tyiyn - a monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan equal to 1/100th of a som
groenendael - a dog that is included in the Belgian Shepherd breed
bewusstseinslage - a state of consciousness or a feeling devoid of sensory components
eleemosynary - relating to charity; or literally from Greek; pity
brrr - used to indicate coldness
twp - stupid
chynd - cut into chines (a ridge or crest)
skyrs - curds
skyfs - smokes
kynds - begets; produces
kydst - made known
ghyll - a ravine
grypt - grasped
gymps - to trim
gynny - a guinea hen
gyppy - a gypsy (offensive)
typp - a unit of yarn size
tymp - the plate on a blast furnace
tygs - old drinking cups
tryp - a flagellate protozoon; also known as trypanosome
skry - to denounce
hwyl - emotional intensity
mna(s) - a Sumerian and later Greek unit of weight equal to 1.25 pounds, or 50 shekels
shh - used to urge silence
swy - a game of two up
vly - a swamp
drys - prohibitionists
masjid/musjid - a mosque
disjaskit - fatigued
moolvi - a teacher of Islamic law
ekka - a small one-horse carriage
kieselguhr - siliceous earth, specifically porous infusorial earth, used as an absorbent of nitroglycerin in the manufacture of dynamite
enterocoele(s) - the coelom formed from a pocketlike outgrowth of the wall of the archenteron, especially in echinoderms and chordates
crwth(s) - an ancient stringed musical instrument
dryasdust (s) - a dull, pedantic speaker or writer
prosopopeia(l,s,a,as,al) - a figure of speech in which an absent or imaginary person is represented as speaking
oxyphenbutazone(s) - an NSAID taken off the market in the 1980s
demisemiquaver(s) - a short musical note equal in time to half of a semiquaver, or 1/32nd of a whole note
gjetost(s) - hard brown cheese (pronounced yay-toast)
infangthief - in Anglo-Saxon law, the right of the lord of the manor to try and punish
a thief caught within the limits of his demesne
mingimingi - a type of New Zealand plant; in Maori, literally, twisted
putangitangi - the paradise shelduck, a large gooselike duck endemic to New Zealand
sharawadgi (also; sharawaggi) - a style of landscape architecture in which rigid lines and symmetry are avoided to give the area an organic appearance
karuhiruhi - the Australian pied cormorant, or pied shag
bhikkhuni - a fully ordained Buddhist nun; or female monk
keitloa - a variety of black rhinoceros in which the back, or posterior, horn is longer than the front, or anterior, horn
pipiwharauroa - a migratory bird of New Zealand with metallic green-gold plumage; also known as the shining cuckoo
albumblatt - a short instumental composition, usually for a piano; used mostly in classical music
amritattva - a state of immortality or deathlessness in Hinduism
dvandva - from Sanskrit "pair", a dvandva is a compound word in which multiple nouns
are formed together and the resulting word has a dual, or plural, meaning; an example of a dvandva would be the word bittersweet, which means that something is both bitter and sweet at the same time; another example is spacetime
kavakava (also; cavacava) - an alcoholic drink made in Polynesia from the crushed roots of the kava plant, from the pepper family; it has the property of narcotic sedation
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That's a really impressive set of words you've managed to amass. (I'm somewhat ythundered by them, figuratively speaking.)

By the way, I just saw barguest there. Not what I expected, but now I'm left with the question: what the hell is a goblin dog?

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Default Wow

You're really passionate about word study. Those are some interesting lists, I might look over these sometime. My vocabulary weakness is the words with multiple consonants excluding STRN, because the old game style didn't have them. I've studied words some in the past, it's laborious for me, but rewarding when I find the words playing Wordtwist or possibly a game of scrabble with somebody.
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it's the english spelling versus the american spelling that kills me, particularly not seeing the zeds as a substitute for esses (or alternatively the z's as an alternative for s's). I play because I enjoy seeing crazykate, lalatan, Spike(with various numbers), MegaWord, and thinking "my guys are up there!" and playing to either a. procrastinate, or b. keep sane. As always, I am content with being (secretly) the smartest person in my house. Mega, I am so very jealous that you know people that are prepared to play scrabble with you....sigh....
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tchoukball (-s) - an indoor team sport developed in the 1970s by Swiss biologist Hermann Brandt as a warm-up activity for the Swiss handball team

I soooo love this one. I once called a radio station and described the seed pod thingies that fall from liquid amber trees as "pinorcles", five years later it was the accepted term for them...
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