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Old 12-04-2018, 01:44 AM
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When I first got here, I thought this place was full of cheaters. There were a few obvious ones that were using code to cheat, but I also didn't believe MegaWord's scores were genuine - I've been made to eat my words on that score, some players are just insanely good like that. However, I was also used to games in which multiplaying with multiple usernames were against the rules, so I was a bit frustrated by several incarnations of spike and lalatan and a couple of other players taking up extra space in the leaderboards. I've revised my opinion on that as well, since I've learned of their motivations and different goals for each of their characters. I still mostly adhere to my own set of rules and sense of fairness, but I understand that exploiting loopholes can be tempting. I just don't understand the motivation for trolling someone in the leaderboards. If it were a new player who unexpectedly found a great word and blanked out 50 games just to get a trophy for once, I'd be more understanding.
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Old 12-04-2018, 07:08 AM
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Originally Posted by shock View Post
Ok ok sorry if I offended you that much lalatan by creating “thinkbigger”. I thought it would just be funny to try out once. I’m not a 5x5 person anyway. It was just a joke. I honestly didn’t think it would work but it did. But still I wasn’t going to make this a thing to do every month. Sorry I didn’t realize one virtual trophy on a little boggle internet game was so important. Am I really that disliked on this game just for that little one thing? I can just quit if everyone wants.
It seems to me your intent was more malevolent than you portray. You picked your username to target me. You played your 1 42 pt word and then waited 10 days or so to reach 51 games the last day of the month. Then you taunted "Sometimes, you just have to THINK BIGGER." the next day. All premeditated to me. I think you were flipping me the bird in particular, if we get real about it.

As you already know, I'm pissed off with your behavior (which is likely the reaction you wanted). What pisses me off even more is what you did to Spike. He's a friend of mine and he was in the process of accomplishing something special. He had a busy schedule for the month so he struggled all month long to get in 51 games. The last day of the month he made the threshold with an avg pts/word of 40.46 and 1.2 words/games. That is very impressive if you've ever tried to achieve it. And then you played your "joke"...

I see in your stats you've played <3k games in a little over 5.5 years. When you have invested hundreds of hours training and played close to 60k games to rise to the top, that digital trophy does become important.

It wouldn't hurt my feelings if you played Boggle somewhere else. Maybe you should make a name for yourself on youtube pulling pranks on people and filming it. They love that stuff over there.

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Old 12-04-2018, 07:47 AM
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Wow, Russ, if I were the US president I'd want you as my Secretary of State! Your words are so well-said and thought out. You're a diplomat but also firm. Thanks for your support!
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Old 12-04-2018, 11:52 AM
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You're welcome lalatan. I usually don't wade into these discussions but I also appreciate integrity and fair play and when I happened to notice the rather egregious nature of your buddy's behavior I felt like adding my two cents. He or she, for whatever reason, decided to specifically antagonize you and this is supposed to be a friendly and fun site so it bothered me too--I was going to use a few more choice words in my response but I think I might get censored by the admin!

I work hard for my achievements here too and feel bad when other players like Spike and last month ThunderRock are victimized by these nutcases having their version of "fun." Unfortunately as we've discussed there will always be someone out there whose idea of fun is contrary to the majority so I guess the best we can do is ride it out and hope they don't persist.........best to you......

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