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Originally Posted by lalatan View Post
Late last night I was lashing my brain to come up with something to pair with -nesses. I finally found NEATNESSES (18 pts), then TEARINESSES (only 16 pts). Then I spotted SMEARINESSES. Played it for 22 pts and 2 records.

Then I thought, "What?? Only 22 pts? If pts are based on usage, I can't ever think of a time when I'd use SMEARY, much less SMEARINESSES!" Used in a sentence: "Oh, excuse me sir, you seem to have a lot of smearinesses on your shirt." Lol, this game is as quirky as wait time at the doctor is long. (A day doesn't always seem that long to me, wait time more so.)

Bonus coverage: Just saw INTERFEROMETERS (wth??) in a word list. Definition: An instrument for measuring small movements, distances, or displacements by means of the interference of two beams of light
No what I thought when I first read it. It seemed to be a similar device to TR's creep(o)meter. "Ummm, excuse me but my interferometer is telling me your words and behavior are little too meddling." Lol, English is as eccentric as my spinster aunts.
Lol !

Trying to use smearinesses in a sentence just turned my 'boggleheadedness' into "boggleheadednesses".

Oooo. Wouldn't it be great if doctor's offices had "interferometers" that would send an automatic message..

"Wait time for patient 007 is code red. This office is in danger of overstressing patient and interfering in patient's life"

(I know that's pushing it , but I hate to wait too.)

Thank you lalatan,
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