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Assigning random games should be the easiest thing to do. I tend to see some patterns in the order of the boards I get, but I assume I'm just imagining things. (We're very good at seeing patterns in hindsight where they don't exist.) Until I run across a predictable pattern, I'll just figure that it's random. I'm open to any counterarguments though.

That is a pretty big hit for dropping a prefix. I ran across the opposite the other day (although the hit wasn't huge.) The original longest word for the board was FORESTATIONS, for 22 points. I got DISFORESTATIONS, for 18. (DEFORESTATIONS i might understand.) That kind of boggled my mind (pardon the pun). Sometimes dropping the beginning obviously adds to the rarity (like COMPREHENSIVE vs. PREHENSIVE), but that didn't make sense to me.

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