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Originally Posted by Spike1005 View Post
Thanks to you, I just got that word (and on the same board).
Congrats. I recall that I also played chlorothiazide in that game but my brain wandered off to something else and I didn't even play thiazide.

Even though we are supposedly playing "random" games it seems to me that a lot of folks are playing the same games within a few days of each other. I've also noticed that when I'm looking for high scoring best word games, I never see so many new games (that I can't play at that time). It seems the programming wants to steer you away from making multiple hits on the server.

I just played a game where I equaled pmoffit's record of 36 points for AUTOTRANSPLANTATION. Then I played TRANSPLANTATION for 18 pts. Wow, that's the worst punishment I've seen so far for dropping a prefix or suffix.

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