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Originally Posted by Spike1007 View Post
Anybody else notice a rash of spam recently?

I was kind of impressed by the pro-Wordtwist post. (Are they trying to get an advertising job here on spec?) However, the above post seems to be an exceptionally bad job. I'd almost suspect parody. (Kind of a weird application of Poe's Law.)
A little exercise for you to try: Take something relatively simple and straightforward and run it through Google Translate. I enjoy the English to Russian translation, since I know almost no Russian. Then take the output and have Google send it back to English. The result looks a lot like what we see here for spam. It almost makes me think that the essay writing service takes your request, does the whole thing in whatever their native language is, and then sends it all through some automatic translation program and sends it to you. Of course, you're not going to hand THAT in, so you have to manually repair all the nonsense if you can, and then pass the result off as your work. In a way, maybe a lot of it actually IS your work. But it's still a cheat in my book, and as we all know our own personal book is the only one that counts.
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