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Originally Posted by crazykate View Post
I don't have any pets, but I have two daughters (one is two, the other four years old) who do occasionally attack my legs. At least they don't have claws.
I, too, use WordTwist as a timer sometimes, although it's usually the other way around - I know how many games I get to play during a single episode of Caillou, for example. (For some reason, my girls love that show - will this become a problem later on in life? I wonder...)
My first thought was that if kids had claws, as a species we'd have died off long ago. Then I realized that we'd probably have claws too, but nice adult claws, and could properly chastise the kids when necessary. (Obviously cats have had to deal with this forever, and they're still around,)

I've never heard of Caillou (as with most kid's shows everywhere, since my cats don't insist on watching TV). Is there something subversive going on there?

I don't really have external limitations on the number of WordTwist games I play (aside from occasional cat demands for various things). That may be good or bad. I can play all day if I want.

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