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I love cats, but I've spent much of my life trying to figure them out. Someone once said that the difference between a cat & a dog is that the dog thinks "He feeds me, he takes care of all my needs, he must be a god", while a cat thinks "He feeds me, he takes care of all my needs, I must be a god". I think that's pretty close to the truth. I've had one of my cats since he was a kitten (about 15 years ago). The other was a neighborhood cat who just decided to move in last year. (I've been in contact with the owner, and she's fine with it. The cat took objection to their new puppy and decided to relocate. Strangely enough, the owner's a small animal vet, and is known as the cat whisperer.) It was a rocky start as the second one settled in. One night about a year ago, I got out of bed & waded into a fight between the two. Big mistake. As I moved my older cat out of the way, the new one (Joey) attacked my leg from the back. He gave me some scars that I still have, and managed to do something bad to the tendon at the back of my knee. It took a couple of hours in bed (after I wiped away the blood) to realize that. That took months to go away. After all that though, he's a great cat.

Given the problems with trading cats & teenagers, maybe we're better off as we are.

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