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I knew everything when I was a teenager, unfortunately my teenagers only think they know everything (except when they have a homework emergency, because like, wouldn't it just be easier for everyone if I resolved that emergency for them?). i have two parrots (Cheeky and Skittle) who say "thank you" when I feed them, and "yaaaay" at fairly appropriate times. I have an 18 year old labrador (Max) who has always been a bit like a surfer/stoner dog and uses the front window as his massive TV screen. I have a dog named Mud, who wakes the teenagers for me as I name the four of them, and again they are suitably unimpressed (but they blame the dog, not me). I don't have a cat. My neighbour has one (Arnold) he is way beyond unimpressed, he is actually disdainful. The teenagers use my playing boggle as some kind of timing device, for example....dinner might be ready in 1 game (nearly ready), 2 games (but I have to go out soon), three games (big sighs all round) or an indeterminate number of games (which means they can get it themselves). Maybe I should get a cat.

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