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Originally Posted by MegaWord View Post
That's all right. I'm reminded of my past, accomplishing time attack records in Mega Man 9, then I received as much praise as anyone would desire. This causes me to reflect on why I am even doing this. Surely there is something more fulfilling to endeavor.
Although it would be sad I'd understand if you chose to leave. Your experience with accolades parallels my experience on facebook. I regularly posted photos I'd taken and initially got all kinds of positive feedback from my then scores of fb friends. Then it dried up to nothing over time and I examined why I was doing it. So I quit doing it except once in a long while. I had 1 person tell me, "I love your photography!" in person (which told me they looked at them) but had never once even made the effort to click the like button on any of them for months.
On this forum there are 1,886 "active members" but I'd say only 50 or less ever post anything and most of them infrequently. This thread has almost 25k views so people read it. So the sad truth would seem to be they can't be bothered to type even a 1 word congratulation, even though they respect and admire your accomplishments. (They'd have to be severely brain damaged to not respect them.)

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