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Originally Posted by lalatan View Post
When I was a kid my friend had 1 of those sets and we spent many an hour concocting who knows what in his basement. His dad worked in a petrochemical lab so we also had access to lots of yellow and blue sulfur. One day we put together a liquid that contained sulfur and instant coffee. It turned brown and then started to foam like crazy and overflowed the measuring cup. We had no sink there but did have the presence of mind to put it on the floor drain. We didn't pour it out since, like any good scientists, we wanted to see the final outcome. It foamed until the cup was empty, probably our most successful experiment. lol, at least we didn't gas ourselves or blow up anything.

That was a good find. Today I found SPIRITUALIZED and then tried RESPIRITUALIZED. 31 pts and 2 new records. I tacked on de- for DESPIRITUALIZED and got the same score.
Thanks, and congratulations on the RE- and DESPIRITUALIZED. (I like how the spell-checker here doesn't like these words.) Whenever I see -SPIRIT-, I look to see what can go along with it.

Those chemistry sets did have their "experiments" in a book, but after running out of those, we'd just try mixing things at random. We did get some interesting foams, but we never tried instant coffee. That sounds like fun. I'm actually surprised that they didn't have an experiment to mix ammonia & bleach & gas ourselves, although I assume that if we'd known enough (or experimented enough), we probably could have killed ourselves a few times over. My dad was fairly trusting of me (probably partly because he was deaf & couldn't hear explosions or screams), and he'd buy me potassium nitrate (for gunpowder) and hydrochloric acid (strong enough so that you could see the fumes coming out as you opened the bottle). I still have all my fingers and no acid/chemical burns, so maybe his trust wasn't entirely misplaced. (This probably doesn't speak well for me as a kid, but I built a little gas chamber powered by the acid fumes and tried it on cockroaches. They were fine, by the way.)

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