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I uncovered another weird consonant blend: PHTHALATE n. A salt of phthalic acid. I didn't play it but saw it in a word list. At first I thought you wouldn't be able to use the word in polite conversation due to the risk of spraying saliva. However, the ph is silent.

One of the pleasantries of this game is that if you can't find a decent scoring word you can always try making one up. And it could well be valid.
example: I saw graphs but couldn't find anything to pair with it. At first I thought I spotted spectro- but nope it turned out to be flecto-. Saw re- at its beginning, put it all together and presto: REFLECTOGRAPHY for 26 pts and 2 new records. I thought maybe it was a a branch of landscape photography but instead it was the domain of art historians: Noun. An infrared technique used by art historians to detect layers beneath the top surface of a painting and thus determine whether it is an original.

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