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You will win absolutely no friends here by complaining that "everyone is afraid to say so". In fact, Megaword is almost certainly NOT cheating, has explained what he is doing and why, and has been around here long enough that any previous cheating would have caught up with him long ago. If you saw actual cheaters (and there have been some who actually confessed to it) you would see what a real CHEATER can do -- try an average of 600 words in a 4x4 game (2 minutes) and an average score of 3600 points per game.

I would wager that the average player here would express a mixture of distaste, anger, and contempt for your characterization of us as "too afraid to say so". The FACT is that there are people far better than you, OR me, and if you want to have your snotty little nose rubbed in it, go view some of the videos of people getting high scores with their every move recorded. And if you think I'm one of those people who have the mixture of feelings I mentioned, you would be correct. How DARE you!
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