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Originally Posted by sundance View Post
There appear to be several users (megaword among others) who consistently get scores and word counts that seem impossible. Anything to be done about them?
People can cheat at any game, it just goes with the territory. I guess the only way to guard against this, ultimately, is to only play with friends around a kitchen table with one of those old fashioned boggle sets. Even then, there's always sneaky tactics such as shaking the table or giving your rival a bad pencil, etc. People are always going to be pushing the limits in any competition and the best we can do is call it out when we see it.

One answer I've found in my own experience is to find or build a social group of people known to be basically decent and honest, good sports, etc. For me, happened organically through facebook, almost by accident. But now I've got a nice group of a few dozen and we meet every Sunday on another boggle site and play, chat, joke around, etc. We have a wide range of abilities in our group, but there's no judgement on that and we provide moral support after a bad game or whatever, it's a good group.

Otherwise, we are ultimately competing with ourselves. I'm always trying to learn new words, get faster with my regular word combos and other miscellaneous things to improve my overall game. Right now I'm bucking against my "top end" scoring ability, others in my ability range seem to be able to achieve a higher "high score" but hopefully it's an obstacle I can overcome, amongst others.

Sorry for the ramble, maybe it's more of a personal confession as I struggle to not get too obsessed with the numbers and still be the best me I can be and enjoy the game for what it is. Good luck in your games!
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