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Originally Posted by bwt1213 View Post
This is kind of a strange one, but hear me out. I seem to get a lot of "invisible games" -- where you play and do reasonably well, but don't make the list on any category, so no one can know that you ever played that board at all. But then I went one more step and asked myself "how many games do you play where you FOUND no new words at all, and what was the LEAST number of times that board had been played"? I can recall (so it's unofficial) that I played at least one game where I ended up with the highest total score and yet found ZERO new words, and was the 8th person to play that board. I suppose it's possible, if you're not a very good player, to be the second person to play and find no new words, especially if you followed Megaword or fasteddieb or someone like them (my apologies to everyone not named -- I'm just not thinking of screen names at the moment). So let's restrict this "record" to games in which (1) you set the high total score OR the high total words and (2) you found NO new words and (3) few people had played the game before you -- the record being HOW FEW. Right now, I claim the unofficial record of 7, since I was the 8th to play. I will BET that someone will come up with something like a record of 3 within the next 24 hours.
I'll have to look for this. I confess I haven't necessarily been looking through the list of words every game to see whether I've been the first to find a word or words. My play style (trying to set new marks for most words and total score) doesn't lend itself to finding many highly unusual words. Indeed, the rare words I do play tend to be shorter ones that others have found even after the first few plays.
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