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FINALLY beat MegaWord for the best and longest words in a puzzle (for some reason I've never seen a ThunderRock record for any puzzle I've played):

Total points: 386 New record!New record!
Total words: 66 (34 common,11 wide,8 rare,13 ultra rare)
Best word: HERPETOLOGICAL (20 pts.) New record!New record!
Longest word: HERPETOLOGICAL (14 letters) New record!New record!

Played: 14 times
Average Score: 162 points
Average Words: 33.7 words
High Score: 362 points by madwoman43
Most Words: 78 words by madwoman43
Best Word: ETIOLOGICAL (13 pts) by MegaWord
Longest Word: ETIOLOGICAL (11 letters) by MegaWord
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