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I agree that this site is entertaining, and I do not fault any of the people running the site, those who wrote the game, those who maintain it, nor even those who are responsible for the hardware on which it runs. I simply note that kgator has expanded his high mark to 805 words in 3 minutes, with more than 5,500 points scored. I guess if you're determined to cheat, you may as well make it completely obvious.

I will thank lalatan for his well-considered comments, flops for providing us all the company of her play and her kind words, and will enjoy the game despite kgator and the thankfully few like him (or her). Besides lalatan and flops and Spike, there are at the least dozens of other players who have commented and furnished competition (or set standards) and in one way or another made this site a refuge and a pleasure. Thank you ALL.
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