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Gadzooks! I had never looked at the all time record list, and yes, the all time 4x4 records for average score and average words look pretty filthy. You've got to almost admire the blatancy of the screen names - CheatsWithJavascript, LegitimateHuman, CHEATCHEATCHEAT, test123, and ObviouslyLegit. If there is any standout in the group, it would have to be unbeatable (original and unbeatable2), who thought it was interesting or fun to run their script on nearly 2000 boards.

For whatever it's worth, I did send the admins an e-mail about kgator, and I included a link to this thread in case they want to see the screenshot or read bwt's research on what humans are capable of in terms of typing wpm. If I receive any sort of reply, I'll let you all know.
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