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Originally Posted by dontcountyourchickens View Post
While there are many honest players; Megaword, for one, is definitely a cheat. But everyone is afraid to say so.

I posted earlier this month, that 200+ games into it, Mega only averaged 145. After my post Mega is back up to 554 average.

Fortunately, neither your current ability to play this game nor my current ability to play this game is the benchmark that determines what scores can be legitimately achieved.

Do you know how to reevaluate your position? First, you're unwilling to examine the possibility that you just might be wrong. Second, you might be the kind of person who is not capable of backing down even if you know you're wrong.

In the thread you cite, Megaword responded and explained how and why his average game score had been low.

Continuing to play the fool gets old really fast. You've got a long journey ahead before you become a qualified counter of other people's chickens.
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