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sundance 10-18-2015 03:52 PM

Can people cheat at this?
There appear to be several users (megaword among others) who consistently get scores and word counts that seem impossible. Anything to be done about them?

sillyface 10-19-2015 12:11 AM

Plenty of threads on this topic already, take a look.

ChiliCheesecake 10-19-2015 03:05 AM


Originally Posted by sundance (Post 5136)
There appear to be several users (megaword among others) who consistently get scores and word counts that seem impossible. Anything to be done about them?

People can cheat at any game, it just goes with the territory. I guess the only way to guard against this, ultimately, is to only play with friends around a kitchen table with one of those old fashioned boggle sets. Even then, there's always sneaky tactics such as shaking the table or giving your rival a bad pencil, etc. People are always going to be pushing the limits in any competition and the best we can do is call it out when we see it.

One answer I've found in my own experience is to find or build a social group of people known to be basically decent and honest, good sports, etc. For me, happened organically through facebook, almost by accident. But now I've got a nice group of a few dozen and we meet every Sunday on another boggle site and play, chat, joke around, etc. We have a wide range of abilities in our group, but there's no judgement on that and we provide moral support after a bad game or whatever, it's a good group.

Otherwise, we are ultimately competing with ourselves. I'm always trying to learn new words, get faster with my regular word combos and other miscellaneous things to improve my overall game. Right now I'm bucking against my "top end" scoring ability, others in my ability range seem to be able to achieve a higher "high score" but hopefully it's an obstacle I can overcome, amongst others.

Sorry for the ramble, maybe it's more of a personal confession as I struggle to not get too obsessed with the numbers and still be the best me I can be and enjoy the game for what it is. Good luck in your games! ;)

dontcountyourchickens 10-19-2015 11:02 AM

While there are many honest players; Megaword, for one, is definitely a cheat. But everyone is afraid to say so.

I posted earlier this month, that 200+ games into it, Mega only averaged 145. After my post Mega is back up to 554 average. :p


RussDNails 10-19-2015 11:33 AM

Actually, I think MegaWord explained his playing strategy quite honestly and openly even though he wasn't in any way required to defend himself. I think you just poked the bear and he kicked it into high gear again:)

bwt1213 10-19-2015 06:52 PM

You will win absolutely no friends here by complaining that "everyone is afraid to say so". In fact, Megaword is almost certainly NOT cheating, has explained what he is doing and why, and has been around here long enough that any previous cheating would have caught up with him long ago. If you saw actual cheaters (and there have been some who actually confessed to it) you would see what a real CHEATER can do -- try an average of 600 words in a 4x4 game (2 minutes) and an average score of 3600 points per game.

I would wager that the average player here would express a mixture of distaste, anger, and contempt for your characterization of us as "too afraid to say so". The FACT is that there are people far better than you, OR me, and if you want to have your snotty little nose rubbed in it, go view some of the videos of people getting high scores with their every move recorded. And if you think I'm one of those people who have the mixture of feelings I mentioned, you would be correct. How DARE you!

dannyb 10-20-2015 01:40 AM

I haven't seen a cheater on this site for a while now. Some "odd" scores may exist from a timing glitch. I got on a fat tasty grid and typed like mad, looked at the clock and it was at 15 seconds and CRAWLING (I had noticed slow clocks a couple of times and other folks have mentioned it in the forum). I dumped the game. It would have been my only score above 700 (I have only broken 600 twice). I haven't seen that glitch for almost a year now.

zolorbowl 10-20-2015 11:36 AM

It seems that your account was created to poke fun at Brisul a few months back, and your only posts since then are baseless accusations. Are you using an alias for a screen name? Have some conviction and speak your mind, for right or wrong, without hiding behind layers of anonymity. If this is the case, then you may be the only one who is actually afraid to say so.

Anyway, I'm nearly certain that you can't play a guitar as well as Jimi Hendrix did, or golf as well as (young) Tiger Woods, but they are not cheaters, either. Can you run as fast as Usain Bolt? Probably not seeing that he holds the world record in most sprinting categories, but he is not a cheater, either.

It is inaccurate to think that you are the intellectual ceiling for all humankind, right?

Also, you can look into profiles of Wordtwist players and see an increase in progress from month to month, going back to the first month played. So now you can jump to conclusions based upon facts!

As always Zolorbowl

dontcountyourchickens 10-20-2015 04:43 PM

LOL relax Frankies. bwt1213, I am not interested in your friendship or your phony outrage. Mega is clearly a cheat. There are certain member's boards that are clearly harder to score higher scores on, Mega's is one of them, and everybody knows it. You may believe he is the LeBron James of boggle, that is your perrogative, but I do not. I've seen other people post videos of what they are capable of, which is why I said there are honest players. And if Mega ever produces a video himself, I will gladly eat my MegaWords, but will not hold my breath waiting for it.

zolorbowl, yes I did make fun of bristol counting his chickens, but I am not the one who chased him away from the game. Blame ThunderRock's fake scores for that one :D At least bristol was the real deal. But his big mistake was to brag and wake up a cheat.

Ok. I am now ready for more phony outrage. About as phony as the cheats scores :eek:

RussDNails 10-20-2015 05:27 PM

Why exactly is it so hard to believe that some people are just really good at certain things? MegaWord's scores are certainly within the range of a strong typist with a great vocabulary...........he's been on this site for years and obviously put a lot of time and practice into becoming a really strong player........

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