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Razorflame 07-12-2017 11:01 AM

Players with 1000+ point games
While I already know that the reason there are more players with 1000+ point scores on 5x5, I still looked at the high scores and found this interesting:

Players in 4x4 with 1000+ point games: 4
Players in 5x5 with 1000+ point games: 14

The overall counts between the two aren't that far apart. That's the interesting thing.

Another interesting fact is that MegaWord has found more words in 5x5 than the person with the highest total score in 5x5. XD

If you're wondering why I only included 14 of the 108 players who have 1000+ point games in 5x5, it is because I didn't count anybody whom I didn't think got their scores legitimately.

I won't say who I counted and who I didn't as that will just start a flame war, but there are three names I did count in both: ThunderRock, MegaWord, and Sublime.

Congrats to them for being the only three players to have 1000+ point games in both 4x4 and 5x5.

DonGuy47 07-12-2017 11:42 AM

If I ever scored 1000 points, it would definitely be correct to accuse me of cheating!

BoredInTheCar 07-13-2017 04:03 AM

Now you've made me curious - I understand you don't want to name any names, but what characteristics ping your "cheat meter"? The fabulous players I have bothered to observe strike me as pretty legit; they have been around a while and their lifetime average is a lot lower than their current average monthly scores. I haven't bothered to look closely, but I suspect you'd find gradually improvement over the months for many really top players, suggesting they learned strategies as they played more.

So, what kind of things make you think someone might be a cheat?

dannyb 07-13-2017 05:09 AM

Multiple perfect boards for one. Some cheaters: Unbeatable, Unbeatable II, Cheats With Java Script, and two others I can't recall right now.

ThunderRock 07-14-2017 03:37 AM

Go into the Hall of Fame records and click on avg scores. Basically the top 10 or 11 are all bogus... averaging anywhere from 1200 to over 3000 points a game and also anywhere from 300 to over 600 words a game on the 4x4 boards... Not possible .. Even as good as Mega is, he will be the first to tell you. NO WAY.

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